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What You Need to Know about Car Hire Services in Wembley

The trend of renting a car is mostly predominant in urban and well populated areas over owning the same. It is because of the rising cost of maintenance, insurance and fuel in the UK which has led to more and more people opting for renting a car as owning more than one seems to be an impractical choice of lifestyle. The percentage of ownership of cars has drastically gone down in the recent past, and the trend seems to follow the same path in the coming years too. Nowadays due to the availability of numerous substitutes like that of public transport and cycling schemes, people are spoilt for choice when it comes to moving around.

The demand for renting cars is observed to be rising particularly from the residential areas either with people not owning a car or with limited number of vehicles. It is more prevalent around locations away from the airport as it seems to be more convenient for commutation to both city locations and outskirts.

Availability of Car Hiring Companies

With the advent of innumerable car rental companies across U.K, people have the scope to choose either a small town car, with automatic or manual gears, or bigger options for the need to transport a good number of people and other commodities for that matter. The process of renting cars too have simplified over time.With a simple click on the various links available over the internet, bookings can be easily made.

Use of online reservation systems have emerged making the entire process all the more consumer friendly and convenient. With this consumers have options to compare prices and select the best suitable offer to avail off. There are numerous online communities which allow users to directly contact drivers or car rental agencies to rent their cars safely and derive money in the process. Various mobile application tools too have emerged for bookings likewise.

Hiring Cars in Wembley
Wembley an area which lies within London, near the Welsh Harp Reservoir, is today one of the popular junctions which offer a wide range of car rental services. It is because of the location of this place that companies have emerged over time with a variety of offerings.

Primarily there are three reasons for rising demand of renting cars in this place.

·         It is mainly a residential area, with a considerable population.
·         The location offers a plethora of places to visit for sightseeing like the Wembley Arena, St.Stephen’s Church, Wembley Stadium, Barham Park to name a few.
·         Owing to the wide range of connectivity people can also choose to visit Wembley and mainland Europe.

Hiring Cars over Ownership

Nowadays with the rising cost of living, it is practically impossible to own cars in UK. At the same time, having a car at your disposal too is required. There can be various needs associated with cars, like an attribute to lifestyle, travel and to cater to exigencies. Need arises due to situations and are completely individualistic. People have shifted to renting cars over owning the same due to recurring costs associated with it. So in order to not incur costs on a daily basis and at the same time enjoy the experience of a car people are willing to pay for a temporary luxury experience. Also with most companies, offering comprehensive insurance facilities, renting cars is a pleasant and hassle free experience.

Various packages are designed to suit the needs and pockets of all income levels, along with a variety of options as offerings to enhance a consumer’s overall experience. Renting cars is the best way to manage your expenses on a monthly note. Sometimes though people get sentimental over ownership but it is always practical for a middle class family in UK to opt out for renting rather than buying. Ideally a reason why it helps saving costs is because you don’t have to worry about the regular maintenance cost of insurance and repair.

You also get to ride newer options very frequently depending on the time period that you have hired the car for. People wanting to change their owned cars also have to worry about ways to dispose of the previous one which in itself involves a lot of worry. Hence in case of rented cars people do not have to worry about the resale options required. Also the one more thing that can be taken care off while renting cars is the low initial payment in comparison to the payments made for purchase of cars.

With the rising cost of interest on car loans renting a car is always better than owning the same. We shall now understand the various nuances of car rentals in the following sections.

Variety of Cars on Hire

Choosing a car depends on the purpose for which you are opting to rent. Sometimes it also depends on the availability of the vehicle. So it is always advisable to choose and rent well in advance. With the rising demand of cars on rent, availability and matching the same with the budget becomes a constraint. Almost always it is observed that consumers tend to pay more in order to avail cars, due to unavailability of options.
In such cases it is also recommended that consumers choose else from other service providers rather than sticking to the same ones. Most of the people do not shift loyalty owing to the level of experience once shared. However be the case, whether the travel is for a single person, or for a number of people it is always better to evaluate options but deciding on one.

Following are the basic categories available to choose from-
1.       Spacious people carriers
2.       Economy class
3.       Luxury class

All these sections further have sports, convertibles, hatchbacks, vans, estates. They also have options to customize cars as per consumer demands. So ideally whether it a functional Toyota to a luxurious Mercedes, practically every range of cars is available for hire.

Process of Hiring a Car
Exploring Wembley and choosing it as a starting point of travel is the best possible thing to do. It gives you the freedom to experience sightseeing in a new way. The major lookout of any consumer is to opt for the easiest and the most convenient search, when it comes to booking a car on rent. Ideally the below mentioned points need to be catered to people by service providers-

1.       Choosing a simplified option for booking- like for instance, search, select and book. The ideal situation is in cases where there is no account set up required.

2.       The other most important feature a consumer looks for is the reliability of the service provider.

3.       Variety of cars to choose from. Also delivery and collection of customers in case they are unable to find the location of the nearest branch to do their booking is an added feature that is offered nowadays.

4.       Various offers like that of packages, deals to serve a client is a major proposition. The quality and condition of the car should be appealing enough to give consumers a near ownership experience though temporary. Most companies offer brand new vehicles to customers for hire these days.

5.       Service time delivery, behavior of drivers, calls centre representatives, and after sale service are major drivers of the business.

6.       Comparing the deals and finding out if the service provider is actually selling the deals or nor, or are there any hidden costs or conditions applicable. It is always better to cross check the breakup of the tour expenses in order to understand how much exactly you are paying for the service. It is also advisable to check the functioning of the meter boxes, the overall condition of the car provided. Online prices should be competitive and best in class.

7.       As the saying goes across that prevention is better than cure, the same holds true for car rentals too. With the increase in the crime rates and cases of fraud consumers are advised to be cautious of the service provider background. A thorough research of the background and the overall reviews against the company need to be evaluated before availing of the service. Safeties of customers are emerging as a top priority concern to be taken care of by car rental agencies. So it is made mandatory for majorly all drivers to sign up a rental agreement along with producing various other credentials like driving license details, landline telephone bills to verify address. All these documents need to be registered with the police. Several background checks need to be conducted before employment. And consumers should ask the service provider to share the details of the driver beforehand. Also various branches at nearby locations is a mandate for customers to solve queries or problems.

8.        Before entering into an agreement with the service provider it is mandatory to go through all the details before signing the same. Also it is seen that sales person try to incorporate and club in last minute offers to the contract. It is advised to refrain from entertaining such propositions. It is also essential to have a copy of your request receipt for further reference.

Companies Offering Car Hire Services in Wembley
Wembley is a prime location for tourists and owing to the well connectivity it offers there are numerous companies available to renting cars. Companies offering to hire cars are available as a standalone company located at various places or near airports. There are also various outlets available, hence consumers can book cars from whichever place they are in.

Such companies have a wide range of offering of cars for consumers to choose from as per need. They offer quick fix solution to people who either do not own a car, or temporarily want a substitute for their primary car. These companies offer to rent cars solely for the purpose of business and generally do not wish to offer cars on sale.

Yes Car Rentals provides for a complete set of cars for hire, in Wembley. It is a one stop solution for all hiring needs for cars with friendly and reliable service. It has a wide range of offers daily to choose from with a minimum locking period of 28 days for hiring a car. From luxury to economy class there is a variety of cars to choose from to suit your needs. What’s more! It gives car on hires for a self driven experience, to students and the younger generation. This way it has made hiring cars easily accessible to all.

Time Period for Hiring Cars

Time period for renting cars varies from company to company. It is ideally a small time commitment between the consumer and the company.  Companies which offer options to hire do not generally have cars for lease or sale. Most companies offer cars to be on hire for days, weeks or sometimes for a minimum commitment of 28 days.

Mode of Payment
These days with the help of various online portals available, payments can be made very easily. Most companies opt for prepaid bookings in order to guarantee assurance of the booking. There are various payment gateways to facilitate faster process of reservation confirmation.
In some cases where the booking are made via credit cards and the person concerned is not available at the time of payment. In such cases a third party authorization form needs to be duly filled up by the customer at the start of the rental. This also assures that the consumer is well aware of the terms and conditions. 

However failing to abide by such regulations, the booking shall not be honored.

General Guidelines for Hiring Cars

·         All regulations are in accordance with the reservation system for vehicle rent. Most companies allow consumers to make bookings via online modes of reservation. The consumer should be well aware of the norms while making the move. The essence of the agreement has to be understood that whether the terms are in direct association between the company and the consumer or is it via a vendor. In such cases special guard needs to be taken to understand the nuances involved in agreements

·         All information pertaining to credit card and other related details are governed under the protection of personal data law.

·         In case of service requests not honored between the agent and the consumer, the agent is responsible only for a limited liability for the amount accountable for agent commission and not other services. In most cases the agent is not responsible for reimbursement of already paid up expenses.

·         Generally while making a reservation, a token amount needs to be paid for initiation of the process with the rest of the balance payable at the point of delivery. However in some cases the entire amount needs to be paid off early with additional amounts payable at service delivery on account of extra fuel or kilometers travelled.

·         Many a time’s changes in the reservation can be made with the help of additional features in the website. However they don’t accept changes in payment. Before proceeding to the payment gateway, consumers should always check thoroughly the prices, the kilometers of travel locations. In case of any discrepancies immediate notifications should be raised for the same.

·         Cancellation requests can be entertained within 48 hours, in case of most rental companies. However the customer cannot ask for refund of the rental service cost. Situations where the entire amount was on a prepaid term, the company has rights to deduct off the amount equivalent to a sum of 3 days charge, card processing fees.

·         Rental service costs come under the non-refundable price. Even though protection of cancellation assures the consumer that the entire sum of money paid for the booking of the car shall be refunded back, however the amount that is paid for the cancellation protection and the credit card is not included.

·         Most companies offer a membership loyalty scheme. This offers members to gather discount points for every service they avail. Such instances enable users to avail of the discount within a time period that they wish too.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Cars in Wembley

Choosing to rent a car is always an easier option in comparison to either owning them or relying on public transport. It brings in a lot of convenience to people. Sometimes additional costs too can be waved off if you are a good driver yourself. In such cases you can simply go ahead in terms of hiring the car without having to worry or depend on the driver.

All you need would be a good travel guide with an approximate estimation of kilometers and time for travel which would enable your travel experience all the more enjoyable. A couple of things have to be taken care of while hiring cars, as otherwise it may lead to costly expenditures. The below mentioned pointers are the basic things that need to be taken care off while renting cars.

1. Background Check

It is always necessary to do a background verification of the company from which you are hiring the car. There are numerous cases of fraud and such things should be taken guard against. The common trait of such companies is they generally opt out for a prepaid model and consumers will mandatorily have to make the entire payment before taking the car on rent.

You have to be utterly careful in such cases as vital information like that of your credit/debit card details are revealed to the company. Hence it is always recommended to take cars from established and proper firms, as it might so happen that your money will go down the drain and you may not find the car you were looking forward to hire. Sometimes the company also vanishes the next day after the payment has been done.

2. Speak to Customer Care Executive
Before hiring the car it is always better to speak to the customer care executive upfront. Car should be hired only from such people who have the proper knowledge and expertise to guide a person to hiring the car. The person should engage a customer and explain him the value added benefits that he might derive out of renting a particular model over the other. People who are not willing to explain you the services they have to offer or are blindly taking your request should be avoided.

3. Understand Your Requirements
 It is always advised to first understand your requirement before taking a decision towards hiring the car.  The decision to hire a car should never be out of an impulse. Say for instance, you come across a luxury car that is on offer to be hired and you immediately decide upon to hire the same in order to get a feel of the car, would be a very wrong thing to do. It is so because in the process you might not have checked the condition of the car or other nuances involved with the car. Eventually when you do hire it, you might see that you will have to take responsibility of all the problems associated with the car.

4. Check the Condition of the Car
While hiring cars, the most important thing to check for is the condition of the car. Sometimes impulse driven decisions might lead us to overlook the internal condition and people might be swooned over only by the exterior of the car. It is very important to understand the fuel consumption capacity, the mileage offering, the driving comfort, spare part availability, and the overall feedback of the car.
You should also take a note of the insurance coverage of the car and whether the car is a premium defaulter or not. Pollution check, road tax payment are other major things to be taken care of. When it comes to the exterior look of the car, look closely for scratches, dents so on and so forth. These looks will help you to be in a better place to judge across whether the money you are paying for is genuine or not.

5. Test Drive the Car
While hiring car always note to take a test drive of the same, before making your decision to hire it. Consider all conditions to check through in the same way as you would do while purchasing a car. Like for example, check whether the air conditioning is working fine or not, along with the fuel indicators, clutch, accelerator and the brakes too. In case you have any discrepancies on the running condition, you can always go ahead in terms of rethinking your decision.

6. Verify the Driver’s Previous Records
In case you are looking ahead to hire car along with the drivers, always look into the driving records of your driver. Nearby police station numbers should be kept handy. You should check through the validity of the license of the driver and whether he has had a history of car accidents or not. In such cases the agencies should be immediately notified to find a replacement of the driver. It is always good not to be associated with any legal hassles later on.

Groundwork research is mandatory while choosing a car rental company. The basic search might involve you to ask the company about the past list of clients to whom they offered services and their feedbacks. You should take precautions against not to rapidly choose from cheaper offerings as it has a lot to manipulate a consumer’s mind and lead him to making a wrong choice.

It is always required to understand the terms and conditions of the contract offering before agreeing on the same in order to avoid any hidden costs later on. It is always better to go ahead with references of past clients in order to avoid misleading deals.

Leveraging Car Rental Services in Wembley
Car rental trend is rising up the curve gradually. More and more people are looking forward to a new driving experience without directly associated with the huge amount of cost involved in ownership else. Renting cars gives an additional edge to save costs on maintenance required for periodic insurance and repair of parts. Hence renting cars give people the sense of ownership though for a short period of time, but a satisfying one indeed. However renting cars do have their own downsides as well, but if properly researched can lead to a fulfilling experience for life.

While ownership involves a lot of perils renting gives you the same feel without the perils involved. Presence of mind and a proper homework shall ensure the rent to be of a quality one and the experience to remember for a lifetime.

Renting cars for a limited time period offers two major options- sometimes you can renew your rent contract with the company or the agency and sometimes companies can offer you to buy the car at a cheaper cost. This way you can be in a better place to judge whether to renew the sane model for rent or not. And in case the car is coming across with a good deal a purchase decision can also be made likewise.

Having driven the car you will be able to make a better decision to own a rented car or not. It is of uttermost importance to work out personal priorities with respect to finances before concluding on decisions.

In order to sum up the entire decision making process the below pointers may guide you –
1.       Understand the purpose of the car- ideally your requirement.
2.        The time period of rent vs the cost.
3.       Condition of the vehicle on hire.
4.       Mileage, air conditioning, tyres, engine, insurance to be checked amongst other features.
5.       The rental agreement and the terms of the same.
6.       Reputation of the company from which you are hiring.
7.       Customer reviews, reliability, genuineness of the company.
8.       Background of the driver.
9.       Comparison of deals with other companies.
10.   Cross checking all the possible nooks and corners of the agreement.

One thing you need to consider is the time period offered for the rent. Long time periods of rent should be avoided as it involves a deeper commitment level from the customer to take care of the car during the period of rent. Sometimes it so happens that during this time period all maintenance cost needs to be taken care off. Negotiation is too important when it comes to the payment of the car for rent. Sometimes dealers look forward to the entire payment to be made at the time of rent. Such offers should be avoided.

It is always advised to break the entire amount as small installments which can be paid at regular times. The amount that you are paying needs to be understood full as in whether it includes the insurance or the young driver fee or not. Hence quotations should be taken. In order to make the right decision it is always important to understand the variations. Quality of offer is the most important point of consideration while renting a car.

Only and only when all the above mentioned pointers have been considered the decision to rent a car should be made. All terms and conditions like the mileage, insurance coverage and the condition of the car should be mentioned clearly in the agreement. Besides this the tenure of rent along with a clear breakup of the cost should also be included in the same.

Customer care executives should be the first point of contact to help solve any queries related to the rent. They should be in a position to guide the consumer well and keep them updated about all the offers, discounts as such. All such offers should also be mentioned in the contract. Most importantly awareness is the key to making the right choice. And in case help is required, internet is the best medium nowadays to guide the consumer.

Even though the customer today is well equipped with all the necessary tools to help him make a decision, I personally feel the best way is to stick to customer feedbacks and references by clients while choosing a car rental company.

Author Bio: Vineet Agarwal has been long associated with V1 Technologies which offers world class Website Design, SEO & PPC, Domain & Hosting, Mobile AppDevelopment and other similar services. Aside from being a dynamic entrepreneur, Vineet is an avid traveller and loves exploring new countries and culture. Discount car rentals interest him largely and he has been extensively sharing his knowledge with friends and peers about discount car rentals and mistakes to avoid when hiring cars. 

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Student Car Hire In London

When talking about car rentals, the first thing that pops in our mind is vacation! Yes it’s true that most car people rent cars for vacations. But the truth is car rental caters to a larger segment of people. Daily commuters, corporate people visiting places for business purposes as well as students, everyone uses rental cars these days.

Yes, car rentals are also available for students, mostly college goers or those attending the university. Car rental can offer many advantages to the student but there are several constraints for hiring a car at young age. Even though you are considered an adult if you’re 18, many car rental companies would actually trust you with driving their cars. Most car rental companies in London want their renters to be 25 years or above.

Statistics show that young drivers get more into accidents and this is the reason why car rental companies shy away from renting their vehicles to young drivers and often charge extra for those who urge to rent cars. Some companies have relaxed their norms about underage car rental, so students between the age 21 and 24 can now rent cars from the leading car rental companies but with some extra fees. If you are a student and want to share a car, you might even be lucky to get discounts and student concessions.

It goes without saying that, most students have financial constraints, so it is essential for them to hire cars at reasonable costs. Young age car rental rates vary with individual car rental companies, so make sure you compare rates before making a final decision. If you’re on an internship or are working with an employer and need to rent a car, check whether the company has corporate accounts with rental agencies or not. If you are below 21, high chances are you won’t be able to rent a car, even if you’re ready to pay high surcharges. Though there are certain exceptions, like the state laws of New York and Michigan urge rental agencies to rent cars to drivers who are 18 years or above.

Whatever the situation is, renting a car below the age of 25 can be quite expensive but at times we just can’t do without renting a car. To make car renting simpler for students, we will explore the various aspects of student car rentals in the following sections. So read on.

Whether you are shifting your belongings to the new accommodation or planning a long drive with your friends, car rental is essential. But since most students are below the age of 25, renting a car can be tough, but no way impossible. Many car rental agencies offer student discounts, so whenever looking for a rental car, verify whether they offer discounts or not.

Here are some useful tips that will help you rent a car and save money on your next car rental.

As a young driver you will have to pay ‘young driver surcharges’ which can range between £20 and £40 for one day. This charge is either included within the quoted price or you will have to pay it when you collect the vehicle from the rental agency. If you want to avoid the extra charges, you can partner with your seniors or a friend who is older to you and share the rental costs. Just book the car in name of the older person and avoid the extra charges.

Things you’ll need to rent a car as a student:

·         Carry your student I.D car when collecting the car
·         The driving license and other paper works
·          Carry a credit card. (It is better if it is in your name or if  you’re using someone else’s card make sure he is present with your when making the payments).

Money Saving Tips

Education has become very expensive and by the end of graduation, most students are left with nothing. This means they don’t have enough cash reserves to afford expensive car rental. Here are some tips that will help the students to hire car within their budget.

·         Consider paying upfront since this can enable you to save up to 10% on the overall rental cost.
·         Rent the smallest car available, since these are available at cheap rates.  Many rental agencies won’t allow you to hire larger vehicles.
·         Check the rates on car rental websites. Oftentimes the rates are much lower than what are offered by the rental company directly.
·         Make sure you avoid hiring at the airport. Instead hire from a city branch. This will help you save the airport surcharges.
·         Ask about student discounts. Most rental companies offer student discounts but do not advertise them. So never forget to ask for one.

It is very important to look for ways to save money, so make sure you enquire about the hidden charges (if any) and read the rental terms and conditions well. Ensure that you don’t miss out the fine prints since this is where the most important things can be found. 

Student Car Rental Discounts

There is some good news for the students who are in search for affordable car rental options. The major car rental agencies offer special discounts for students, which can help them save hundreds of dollars on their car rental. Students need money for many other important things like buying books, attend seminars (with entry fees) and for some entertainment as well.

Here are the details about some of the best car rental deals for students from the well-known brands, other than ourselves - YES CAR RENTALS that specialises in STUDENT AND YOUNG DRIVER CAR HIRE:

1. Hertz
Students are eligible to get 15% discount on car rental and 20% on van rentals from Hertz, provided they are 23 years or above. Hiring a van can be a good option if you are willing to shift things to a new location or back home after graduation.

In case, you are below 25years of age, you will have to pay a daily surcharge of £30.84, with a maximum cap of £308.40 for the entire rental period.

The rental price from Hertz includes:
·         Rental license fees
·         Applicable Tax
·         Theft protection
·         CDW (collision damage waiver)
·         Unlimited mileage

2. Thrifty

Thrifty offers the most affordable rental prices. Even though they do not offer student discount, they provide a 5% discount on selected destinations. The rental prices include the young driver surcharge for drivers between the ages 21-24. If you fall in this category, you will be allowed to hire standard and economy cars or short wheel base vans.

The rental price from Thrifty includes:
·         Rental license fees
·         CDW with excess liability
·         VAT

You will have to pay for the extras and mileage limits will be applicable if you drive overseas.

3. Sixt

Sixt car hire provides car rental for those less than 23 years but does not allow drivers below 21years. They act as brokers and find appropriate deals with other car rental providers on behalf of the renter. If you are less than 25 years and have the NUS Extra or Graduate Extra card, you’ll be eligible to get 10% discount. You will have to show the card and other documents while you collect the card to qualify for the discount. Remember, this discount is applicable in Manchester, Liverpool, London, Edinburgh and Birmingham. If you’re under 23, you will have to pay young driver surcharge of£30 per day.

The rental price from Sixt includes:
·         Third party insurance
·         Unlimited mileage
·         Loss damage waiver
·         Registration fee and road tax

Students are allowed to hire economy-sized cars and short wheel base vans only.

Now that you are aware of the discounts that you will be eligible for, hiring a car will become easier and pocket-friendly. Even if you are not hiring from one of these companies, make sure you ask about the applicable student discounts, since many small and local car rental agencies also offer such discounts.  

Money Saving Car Rental Tips for Students

An increasing number of students are opting to hire a car since it offers the flexibility and freedom to explore new places and allows them to move around freely within the city. Gone are the days when car rentals were just for vacationers. In present days, car rental has grown many times and the estimated annual car rental revenue is close to $21.9 billion and students make a decent portion of the clients.
Here are some car rental tips that will help students to choose the right car rental:

Choose the Right Car: Students mostly travel in groups, so instead of hiring a compact car it is a good idea to hire a mini-van and share the rental cost among 3-4 friends. The more people using the rental vehicle the lesser will the cost per head. Even if hiring a van costs more than a compact car, the costs get minimized to a great extent when you share it.

Driver Age and License Requirements: The age and license requirements vary by each county or by the car rental provider. For places where people mostly travel by rental cars, the minimum age criteria are lower compared to other places. The time period for which the driver should have a driver’s license also varies by each rental service provider.

In many places, students below the age of 21 are not allowed to hire a car while in some places they allow students who have reached 18 years. If you want to hire a car before you satisfy the age criteria, you will have to pay extra charges. Apart from this, you need to hold a driver’s license for a minimum of 1 year. When hiring a car, make sure you get all the details about age and license requirements.

Consider Road Conditions: Many car rental companies impose limitations on the cars that can be used on particular terrains. Some rental companies don’t allow their cars to be driven on rugged roads, while other would want you to hire a 4WD to cover mountainous roads. So if you are planning to hire a car for vacation with friends, make sure you know what type of car to hire to avoid penalties.

Car Rental Insurance: Young drivers are more vulnerable to road accidents, so you may have to buy some car rental insurance to make sure you drive safely. Even of the rental agency doesn’t urge you to buy one, you should get enough coverage to protect yourself from liabilities.

These are a few tips that will help you avoid paying extra charges and be on the right tracks with car rental. A few more things need to be taken care of which remains the same for student renters and normal renters, they are:
·         Browse the Internet to get the best rates. Also ensure that you compare rates from different rental agencies since the rates vary from company to company depending upon the availability, class of vehicle, location and many other factors.

·         Rent on weekends since the rates are lower during this time. The rush is less during the weekends and the car rental agencies want their vehicles to be rented, so they offer cheaper rates. If you’re lucky you can get a car at 50% lower rates. So if your plans are flexible, consider hiring on weekends.

·         Weekly rates are even better than weekend rates. It is a good idea to hire a car on a weekend and keep it for a week, this way you will get the best rates. If you are willing to use a car for 1-2 days, hiring on weekend is good but if you want a car for 5 days or more weekly hiring is the best.

·         Booking a car in advance is a good idea since you have better chances of getting lower rates. The more number of cars available, the better will be the chance of getting discounted rates, so make sure you book a car at least a week in advance.

·         Ideally the rental car has to be returned with a full gas tank, so you have two choices – either pay upfront for a full tank or fill the tank before returning. Returning the car with a full tank is a better option since returning a car with empty tank is almost impossible. So if you pay upfront, you will be paying for the fuel you are not using. 

·         If your choice of car is unable, the rental agency would offer a free upgrade. While this might seem a great opportunity, it is best to decline such offers if you really don’t need a larger car. Larger cars tend to burn more gas, which means your fuel costs increase.

·         Avoid pickup at the airport, since it might cost you more due to the fees and taxes. Renting at the airport costs 10% more than renting a car at a neighbourhood location.

·         Make sure you have a clean driving history, if you have a maligned history, you may be declined from renting a car even if you have prior booking. Young drivers are considered a risk for rental agencies and if your driving history is not good, you will be in further trouble.

·         Inspect the car thoroughly for damages before renting. If you fail to inspect the damages before renting you may have to pay for mistakes that you never made. Also makes sure you drive safely so that no considerable damage is made to the rental car.

·         Finally, ensure that you return the car on time. Almost all the car rental agencies offer a grace period of about half an hour or 1 hour, so to avoid extra charges return the car within this time.
Most of us rent cars to make our lives easier and convenient and adhering to the above mentioned tips will ensure that you have the best car rental experience.

Young Car Rental – Things to Know and Tips

All this time we have addressed to the student renters as ‘Young Drivers’, so what does this actually mean? 
If we have to define young drivers, we would define them as ‘car rental clients who are between the age 18 and 25 years’. The car rental agencies have their own age constraints and rental rules, but they have many packages that suit the needs of the young drivers.

Most of the car rental agencies are not willing to allow young drivers to hire their cars, since they are considered as irresponsible drivers. While this is not true for all young drivers, there are some common driving problems with young drivers like:

·         Crossing Speed Limits: most young drivers drive beyond speed limits and this is a serious offence. Young drivers should ensure that they maintain and obey the speed limits.
·         Drink and Driving: 30% of the accidents are due to alcohol use by young drivers. Driving under the influence of alcohol voids all kinds of insurance coverage. So if you damage the car or damage other’s properties, you will be held liable for everything.
·         Other Rules: Young drivers should ensure that they put on the seat belt while driving a car.

If you’re under 25years and are worried whether, you’d be able to hire a car or not, we’ll provide you with some insights that might help you to rent a car as a young driver. If you are between 18 and 21, you’ve just entered adulthood and a whole new lot of opportunities have opened doors for you. Right from study abroad programs, volunteering and language immersion programs, there is a lot to be explored and with all this the need to travel comes along.

As a young driver there are a few things that need to be considered if you’re willing to hire a car. They are:

Local Underage Fees

Willing to hire a car at the age of 21 is not unreasonable, but each country and rental company have their own theories and minimum rental car age requirements, which they strictly adhere to. You’ll be considered a young driver, before you reach 25 and you will have to pay young driver surcharges.

This is charged on a daily basis and there is a cap on the total amount of surcharge during the entire rental period. The underage fees differ from place to place and from company to company. So make sure you compare the rates before hiring.

Additional Driver Charges
You’ll be allowed to have one or more additional drivers (you’ll need them if you’re planning for a long drive) but you have to pay extra for each additional driver on a daily basis. It is best to have one additional driver and not more than that.

Fleet Availability
As you enter adulthood, you want to be more adventurous and taste life on a different note. You might want to drive a racing car and woo the girls but if you are relying on a rented car, save that thought for future. The fleet availability is restricted for young drivers, so you might have to settle for compact cars even though you wanted a sleek supercar.

Mandatory Insurance for Underage Drivers

Some companies would allow you to hire a car only if you agree to take an additional insurance coverage (if you are under 21 years). This is sort of a security for the car rental company, in case you meet an accident. Again, there are companies that will allow you to use the credit car insurance for rental cars, so it is wise to shop around and look for companies that provide you with an option to use existing coverage.

Provide Your Age Details While Booking

Whether you book a car online or book through an agent, ensure that you provide your age details. The minimum age criteria differ with individual car rental company, so you may be lucky to save the underage fees.

For How Long Do You Hold a Driver’s License?

To rent a car, you must hold a driver’s license for at least one year. Though, this can also vary with the rental agency you choose – some require a driver’s license to be held for 2 years or even 3 years, but the minimum requirement is 1 year.

Get an International Driving Permit

If you are planning to drive cross borders, an International Driving Permit (IDP) is essential. IDP translates your driver information into various languages, so that you can travel in different places. It is good to have the IDP done, so that if you make a last minute plan of visiting a place beyond borders, you don’t have to worry about renting a car.   

It is true that drivers below the age 25 have troubles renting a car and they have to undergo various verification processes, but if you take care of the necessary things (the ones mentioned above), renting car becomes easier.

As you enter adulthood, your responsibilities increase and so make sure that you become a careful and responsible driver, so that you don’t hurt yourself or damage the rental car. This will only increase your rental costs many folds and prove the fact that young drivers are indeed irresponsible.

Young Driver Insurance

Acquiring a young driver license is just like a breeze, pass the driving test and there you have your driving license, your ticket to hit the road! But wait, have you considered the car insurance? That’s the toughest part for young drivers. As, it has been mentioned earlier, many rental companies would allow you to use existing insurance coverage, so if you don’t want to increase your car rental costs, consider getting insurance for yourself. 

If you have not crossed 25, it is evident that you will have to pay high insurance premiums and sometimes it goes to such extents that people prefer their cars to collect dust than drive it. To help young drivers get the right coverage at the right price, here are some tips:

·         Choose the Cover Wisely: It is best to get a fully comprehensive insurance, which would provide full coverage even in case you meet an accident. You can choose third party insurance, if you’re driving an inexpensive car, but make sure you get the cheapest rates.

·         Lower the Insurance Premiums: Drive safely, avoid traffic violations and accidents at least for the first year after taking insurance so that when you go for renewal, the rates go down significantly. Also low mileage can lower insurance rates. Insurance rates tend to go higher for vehicles that have special customizations and require expensive repairs, so choose a car which does not require any of these.  

·         Lower Costs: To lower insurance costs, you can add your name on someone else’s policy as a second driver to benefit from named driver no claims discount. Taking an advanced driving course can also help you get good rates.  But before you do so, check with your insurance provider.

·         Shop Around: It is always good to compare rates and look for deals that will lower insurance costs. Compare rates on insurance comparing sites and once you have a handful quotes, get in touch with the brokers to negotiate further. Check with friends and family, if anyone has young driver insurance ask for references.

·         Do a Background Check on the Insurance provider: Fake insurers and brokers target young drivers. Read the policies and terms very well and make sure the insurer is authorised and licensed. Only once you are satisfied with everything go ahead with buying insurance policy.

There is another way out. You can wait until you are 25 years. In that case, if you want to rent a car, you will have to pay for car rental insurance to the rental agency. So weigh the two options carefully and then decide which way to go. Either ways you will have to pay higher than drivers aged over 25 years.

A Final Though
Renting a car under the age of 21 can be very difficult, but it is not absolutely impossible. In some countries the minimum age criteria is 25 whereas some in some places the standard age is 22 or 23. The age criteria vary depending on the rental company, location and choice of vehicle.

Rather than hiring cars from a branded rental agency, consider hiring from a local independent rental provider since the chances of getting a car of your choice is much more. The underage fees, if applicable, will also be lower than that of renowned brands. It is always good to visit the rental agency in person and look for the available options. In many cases, the rental providers offer old cars on rent for students at lower cost since they are less worried about damages made.

But beware of very cheap deals, they might be traps to attract young drivers. Such rogue rental providers advertise rock bottom prices, but just when you sign the contract they’ll load you with hundreds of hidden costs. Also make sure you are well aware of all the young driver rules, so that you go prepared and rent a car without hassles.

One more thing that you should always remember to do is ask for student discounts. These discounts are not advertised, but most car rental dealers will offer student discounts. If you are considering hiring a car from a local dealer who is not willing to offer student discounts, make sure you negotiate enough to bring down the rates to the discounted prices.

Another important aspect about car rental is the car rental insurance. With some rental agencies you will have to buy mandatory insurance, while others will let you use the existing coverage, if you have a young driver’s insurance or credit card insurance. If you are not willing to pay extra for the insurance, make sure you get young drivers’ insurance in advance and find a dealer who allows you to use existing insurance coverage.
So whether you are planning a trip with your friends or shifting your belongings back to your home town, educate yourself about student car rentals and be prepared yourself so that you have a hassle free renting experience. 

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