Friday, 18 December 2015

Know About Your Car Rental Hidden Costs

Nowadays with the eventual rise in the cost of living, it is practically impossible to own cars in UK. At the same time, having a car at your disposal is required as well. Renting cars have always been convenient over owing them. They give the sense of ownership of cars for a certain period of time without having to take additional responsibilities for the same. You can have your peace of mind and freedom as well. People have chosen this trend because of the convenience it offers. It reduces the burden of maintenance, insurance and depreciation drastically.

However there can be various instances where you can be taken for a ride in the process of renting if you have not conducted your ground study effectively. Wembley in the UK is one of the prime locations where the trend of renting cars is predominant. It is because Wembley is a residential area  besides having number of places to visit like the Wembley Arena, St. Stephen’s Church, Wembley Stadium, Barham Park to name a few, that car rental Wembley is gaining more and more precedence over other locations.

Here are some of the insights on the hidden costs associated with car rentals:
  • Various car rental agencies would charge the administration fees with various names and at various points of the rental tenure. Like if you meet an accident while driving the rental car, the repair bill will be taken care of by the insurer, but you might have to pay the administration fees, charged by the rental agency. And this can add hundreds of dollar to your rental bill.
  • Many car rental Wembley agencies will eventually delay the process to go beyond the period of claiming the insurance, so that they can suck up an excess amount from you. So be careful. Ensure to complete all the formalities within the cap period. Also make sure all the details of the repair costs and administration fees are clearly mentioned in the documents.
  • Sometimes you may have to pay hefty administration fees while you pass through electronic toll booths. Ideally these charges are billed in name of the rental agency, but most car rental Wembley agencies shall have them billed against your rental bill. It takes quite some time in settling these out.
  • Other hidden costs may include Registration Recovery Fees, Surcharges for Credit Card Payments, booking cancellation fees, one way rental surcharge, early return and late return fees. None of these are mentioned to you at the time of agreement. So guard against them and get yourself properly clarified in order to prevent yourself from falling prey to their traps.
There are innumerable car rental services to choose from. You may check YesCarRental, a well reputed car rental service provider in London, with a wide fleet of cars available for hire.

While renting cars few people are lucky to have everything in place and have the best car rental experience. Something or the other has to go wrong and most of the time one thing that messes up everything is the hidden cost. Hence do your research to make your experience a comfortable one.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Wedding Car Hire Mistakes to Avoid

A lot of effort is needed to make a wedding successful and arranging for suitable transportation is one of the most essential undertakings. It is evident that you and your family members would be very busy on this special day, so it is best to start planning everything well in advance. Right from the venue, to the caterer and the car hire, everything should be planned in advance.

The reality however is different. Most people forget about arranging for the wedding transportation or leave it for the last minute. This leads to a number of confusions and probability of making mistakes with car hire in Greenford is highest. You want your wedding day to be the most special and memorable day in your life, so make sure you avoid the following mistakes with your wedding car rental. 

Hiring from Individuals

Hiring from an individual may help you save quite a lot of money but individuals may not be able to offer professional services. Hiring a car from a professional car rental company like YesCarRental gives you peace of mind on your special day, since you don’t have to worry about delayed arrival, sudden break-down, etc. Even if something goes wrong the car rental companies would have alternatives to handle the situation.

Not Reading the Contract

It is necessary that you read the car hire contract thoroughly. It is quite evident that you will be excited and worried about other important things during your wedding, but you should never skim through the contract. Take time to read the contract and check whether any ambiguous clause is included. All the details regarding the pick-up location, date, time, etc. should be clearly mentioned. If any clause seems unclear, ask for a clarification. Do not sign the contract until everything is clear to you.

Wrong Time Management

If you are willing to use the same for number of purposes, it is necessary that you time everything correctly. Add 10-15 minutes to each interval as a cap time, so even if the car gets stuck in traffic you will have time to make up the delay.

Making Choices Based on Price Only

No doubt budget is an important factor when it comes to planning a wedding, but you should never make choices based on price only. Cheap price never indicate you are getting the best deals, rather you might be messing up things. Cheap car rentals often mean you have to compromise with the condition of the car, you can also expect below average services and chances are there will be a lot of hidden costs.

So instead of looking at the prices, check the services that are offered in the quoted price. This way you can get the best value of the money you spend.

Not Asking for Recommendations

To ensure you get the best wedding car rental, it is good to ask your friends and family for recommendations. If you have hired a wedding planner, you can ask them as well. Instead of embarking on a search for good car rental companies, you can save a lot of time by asking your friends and family.

Weddings are meant to the most special day in one’s life, so don’t allow your day to get ruined due to a bad choice. Start planning ahead and make sure you avoid all the above mentioned wedding car hire mistakes.

Monday, 30 November 2015

Car Hire Wembley Myths Busted

Car hire is an integral part of our life and there are times when we can’t do without a car rental. Think of a situation when your car has landed in the repair shop or when you need to drop your daughter at the new college – the first thing that comes across your mind is a car rental.

There are many benefits of hiring a car over driving your own car, so car hire Wembley is becoming a part of our everyday life. There is no worrying about maintenance, no worries about repairs and you don’t even have to worry by the depreciating value of the vehicle. All you do is hire a car, drive it and return it back when you’re done. Those who hire cars frequently know that there are a lot of rumours about car hire myths which might frighten people who don’t rent a car frequently. Some of the most common myths are busted in the following section:

Car Rental Scams? They are Past!

Even though car rental companies try their level best to make the car hire experience peaceful and friendly, not everyone is lucky to go through such a soothing experience. Oftentimes customers are scammed by car rental companies; they are charged highly and a number of hidden costs are added to their rental bills.

To avoid all kinds of car rental scams it is necessary that you communicate clearly with the car rental agency and let them know your expectations. Only transparency in communication can assure a hassle-free car rental experience.

Vehicle Inspection before Hiring

When talking about car hiring best practices, this comes on top. Most car rental companies claim that they allow their customers to check the condition of the car before hiring, but in reality the customers seldom get a chance to do that. There has been a lot of hullaballoo about vehicle inspection among the customers and car rental companies.

To ensure you have a good car rental experience, you should the condition of the car thoroughly. If you find minor damages, click photos and keep them for future reference. If possible the damages in notice of the car rental staffs. Ask as many questions as you can such as, what if you spot a damage after renting the car?  What extent of natural wear and tear is acceptable? How much will you be charged is there are minor damages? 

Unexpected Hail Damages

In many cases, car rental companies charge heavily customers for hail damages. Even though these damages are not visible to naked eyes, the rental companies leave no chance to maximize their profits. So it is urgent that you consider the weather conditions before hiring a car.

If you have to hire a car when you’re expecting hail, you must enquire about the damage checking process, how much money you’ll be charged in case of damages, how you will make sure the damages were caused by you, etc.
No one wants to get into a dispute regarding their car rental, so it is very essential that you communicate clearly and read the car rental policies thoroughly. Being honest is the key to a glitch free experience for both the car rental company and the car hire Wembley customers.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Tips to Move Your Belongings to a College Dorm

Attending college can be very exciting – new surroundings, new friends and a new course of life. But there are some hard parts as well – you may be leaving your home for the first time, you will have to adjust yourself to the dorm life and adjust to the new environment as well. One more thing that you need to think about is moving your belongings to the college dorm or the apartment you rented.

No matter how well you plan, things can become very confusing when you actually start packing and moving things. First of all, you have to sort out the things you want to take and the ones you want to leave back. Remember, you can’t take the entire home with you. So you need pack only the essential things that you can’t do without. Once you have sorted out the things, start packing them securely in suitcases, cartons and trunks. Pack all the things carefully and label each box (with your name and address) on both sides. Carry a few things that you’ll need during the first 2 to 3 days with you.
When the packing is done, you need to think about ways in which you can move your things to the new destination. There are several options, and you have to choose the one that fits you perfectly.

Rent a Car

Many students choose to move their things on their own by renting a car. This is perfect for students who don’t have too many things to be moved. Moving your belongings by car is also the cheapest way to shift your belongings to a new place, unless you are moving overseas.

But, if you are under 21 years then you might have difficulty hiring a car. Many car rental companies forbid 21 years old car hire options since young drivers are considered high risk customers. Most accidents and car damages are reported by young drivers, so the car rental companies are reluctant to hire their cars to young drivers. Even if you manage to hire a car, be prepared to pay high surcharges. If you want to keep things cheap, you can hire a car in your dad’s name and ask him to drive you to college.

Moving Things by Bus

If you are not able to find any 21 years old car hire deals, then the second most suitable choice is moving things by bus. You can either carry your belongings in the same bus you are travelling or choose a bus cargo, while you move to the new place via train, plane or some other bus services.

Rent a Truck

This is recommended for students who are moving into an apartment and shifting many things at a time. Remember, trucks and vans are available in many sizes, so choose the one that will accommodate things perfectly. If many of your friends are moving to the same destination, you can hire a large truck and share the cost as well. You can also opt to hire a van and move things yourself. But similar to car rental, you may have problems hiring a truck or van, if you’re 21 years old or younger.

Moving Things by Plane

This is the most expensive option. If you are moving overseas, then this might be the only way to move things. If you are moving things by plane, you need to be very organized – pack things carefully, label properly and make sure you reach the destination before your belongings are delivered.

Planning and organization can minimize the amount of confusion and stress while moving, so make sure you have a good idea of the things you want to carry and the options available to move the things. Plan ahead and enjoy packing! 

Monday, 16 November 2015

Car Hire for Eid

Eid-al-Fitr is celebrated by the Muslims all round the world, which marks the end of the month-long fast of Ramadan. This is the happiest time of the year for the Muslims who meet friends and family to share good wishes and gifts. Eid-al-Fitr is celebrated across London and special arrangements are made at the Trafalgar Square. Quran recitations, market stalls, food stalls offering Malaysian, Turkish, Egyptian, Lebanese, Indonesian, South Asian and Arabic cuisines are set up, music performances and special guest appearances are organized. Not only Muslims people of all religious faiths come here to enjoy the festive spirits.

Tips for Finding Cheap Eid Car Rental Deals

Car rentals are an important aspect of any festive season, so it is no different during Eid. A lot of Muslim families hire cars during Eid, since they have to go round the city to visit their loved ones and take out children for outings. Young Muslims hire luxury cars to hit the road in style. So whether you want to hire a car to take your family around or go round the city with your friends, you need to find the right car rental deal.

Most car rental companies would offer heavy discounts and special packages during Eid, so you need to shop around to get the best deal. As with any other festive season, you got to look for Eid car rentals in advance to get the car of your choice. Here are some tips to help you find the best car rental deals:

Get Quotes

Ask for online quotes from several car rental companies in your area. This way you can compare rates and services and make a final decision. You will also know about the discounts offered to you.

Compare Daily Rates

Ideally, people hire car on a daily basis during Eid, so it is wise to check the daily rates. If you start looking for rental cars in advance, you will have enough time to check the daily rates from various car rental companies. Avoid booking car rental during weekend, since the rental rates tend to go up considerably during the festive season. If possible negotiate rates and ask for special discounts.

Look for e-Coupons

e-Coupons are available for many car rental company websites like Yes Car Rental, so if you want to save money on your Eid car rental, then you should devote some time to search the Internet for such coupons. Coupons are available for a specific period of time and help to lower the rental costs by 25%. Car rental companies also offer “early bird” discounts, so the earlier you book, the better are the chances to get a discount.

Special Warning for Young Drivers for Eid

There has been an on-going trend of hiring high-performance cars during Eid, mostly by young Asian drivers.  Cases of reckless driving and tragic accidents are reported during the festive seasons and the numbers are higher than any other time of the year. Reckless driving puts the life of road users and pedestrians in danger along with those travelling in the car.

The most common reasons for such reckless driving are inexperience, show off, and not wearing seat belts. It is heart-breaking to know that so many innocent lives are put at risk during such happy times. So it is essential that you drive safely and keep yourself as well as others safe.

Remember, there will be too much crowd on the streets, so stick to the driving rules and regulations. If you are hiring a high-performance car, make sure you have enough experience to drive such type of cars. Better hire cars that you have been driving and are confident about.

Go around the city safely and celebrate Eid with your friends and family in the most special way. This is one of the most auspicious times of the year, so it is essential that you think of others and spread the message of love.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Renting A Car This New Year – Let Your Style Speak

The New Year is fast approaching and sure you have started planning your holiday by this time. Yes, New Year is the best party time and you should make the most of it. Get in touch with friends and family and plan a grand New Year party at your place. New Year means you will visit many family members to exchange gifts and wish them a happy and prosperous new year ahead. But that means may have to drive long distances.

No worries! Even the car rental companies join the merriment of the festive season and offer attractive deals and discounts to make your holiday even more special and memorable. You can either get in touch with a car rental company directly or check out deals on online websites offering car rental deals and discounts. Whether you are going out on a long holiday or planning a night out with your friends you can find a car that perfectly suits your requirements. But since this is a special time of the year, you will be eager to get the best – so instead of settling for a normal car, try out a luxury car.

Gather all your friends and hit the road in style. You can also arrange for a car party and enjoy while the chauffeur takes you round the city.  Remember, a lot of people will be hiring cars and many of them will be drunk while driving, so if you are driving the rental car yourself, make sure you obey all the traffic rules and drive safely so that neither you nor your friends or family have to face mishaps.

Even though everyone is in a happy mood and most car rental companies would also try to make your holidays special, not everyone out there has similar intentions.  Many people with ill intentions set up scams and rob people off their belongings, so be very careful when hiring a car. Check out car rentals from well known and reputed car rental companies. Even though you choose a local car rental company, it should have good reputations. 

Haven’t started looking for a car rental yet? It’s time you start searching for one, since the holidays are a peak time for car rental companies and bookings come in very fast. So start shopping around for a car rental before you run out of options. To know everything about New Year car rentals, keep reading!

Top Reasons to Hire Limousine on New Year’s Eve

With the New Year knocking at the door, there are a lot of fun events going around the town that you and your friends & family would love to experience. Right from Christmas the festive mood is set and it continues up to the New Year.

It is that time of the year, when you say goodbye to all the bad memories and welcome a whole new year with whole new anticipations. So welcome the New Year in style and make the best memories with your loved ones. While everyone is busy enjoying the festive season, one aspect often gets overlooked – the New Year car rental. Hiring a car and a chauffeur is often considered to be expensive and people shy away from this idea. But when you consider the benefits, you surely will go ahead and book a car for yourself.

Types of Cars Available for New Year Rentals

Depending upon the number of people and the class of people you have invited, you will have to hire a car. Ideally if you have a few number of high profile guests, you can go ahead with a limousine to take them around. But if you plan to party with a large group of friends, hiring a party bus will be the best option. A party bus is a larger vehicle and you can also organize a party inside the party bus.

Party buses are large enough, so you can arrange for music, dancing, cocktails and a lot more. Party buses can be hired for both large and small groups. But remember, there would be a huge demand for party special vehicles, so make sure you book a party bus in advance.

Reasons for Hiring a Luxury Limo on the New Year’s Eve

Hiring a limo for the New Year’s Eve is essential since you don’t have to take the pain of driving through the crowded streets, find parking space and walk all the way from the parking to the party spot. Moreover, if you are planning to attend some of the most high profile parties of the town, you need to think of ways to enter the party ground in style.

If you want to celebrate the New Year in style and make the most out of your investment for car rentals, you should hire a luxury limo. Surprised? You should not. Even though you think this would be extravagant luxury, at times hiring a luxury can actually be beneficial. Wondering how? Here are some reasons:

More Space More Fun

Limos are larger than normal cars, so you can accommodate more people. More people mean more fun. By hiring a luxury limo you can take the party along with you, wherever you go. Settling for a small car might mean you have to forcefully leave behind some of your friends due to lack of space.  But with a luxury limo, you will have to face no such problems.

Money Saver

Most people consider luxury limo rentals to be very expensive, but in many cases it is actually a lot cheaper than hiring a number of compact cars. In most cases, people go around in large groups during the New Year. Hiring many cars means you will have to spend more on gas, parking and tolls. Moreover you can lose co-ordination and waste time co-ordinating with the rest of the people. Having a lot of drivers can also lead to certain problems. Not everyone is courteous and well behaved. So having one car and one well behaved driver is better than having to tackle with many rogue drivers.

Sharing the limo rental costs among a large group brings down the cost considerably. Similarly the gas and toll costs also get shared and a luxury limo rental becomes a viable option; more affordable than driving s car yourself or moving around in taxis or public transportation. Hiring a limo also saves you from DUI and saves thousands of dollars for handling legal issues.

Plan According to Your Needs

Hiring a car or luxury limo allows you to party as long as you want. Public transportation is available only for a specific time period and driving your own car means you will have to hold yourself back from letting loose. Having a chauffeur driven luxury limo means you have someone to drop you back home, no matter how late it is and how much drunk you are.

A Safer Option

The number of accidents increases to a great extent during the party season, due to drink and drive cases. New Year parties means munching on delicious snacks and gulping your favourite drinks, so you can hardly resist from letting yourself loose.  So instead of risking your life, consider hiring a chauffeur driven limo and getting back home safely.

Celebrate this New Year in style and ensure everyone celebrating along with you is safe. Make smart choices and take your party to the next level along with saving money. There are a myriad of choices when it comes to New Year car rentals, so choose the right car and have a blast!

New Year Safe Driving Tips

Who wants to stay back at home on the dazzling New Year’s Eve? Sure you will go out and have the best time of your life but remember it is full of risks as well. A lot of drunken people on the roads and drunk and drive cases lead to deadly accidents. Hundreds of accidents are reported by the automobile associations of respective countries every year.

The best advice for those willing to drive on the New Years will be “Don’t Drive At All”, but not many people are going to take it positively. Instead, think of hiring a chauffeur driven car so that you can move around the city without worries.

Welcome the New Year with a smile in a happy and safe manner along with friends and family. Here are some New Year safe driving tips for those who are willing to rent a car to move from one point to the other on the special eve.

1. Hire a Car or a Sober Driver

If you are hosting a party at your place then you don’t have much to worry about; but if you are heading towards a hotel or a friend’s place to celebrate the evening, you should avoid driving under all circumstances. You can spend the night at your friend’s place and get back home the next morning; if that is not what you want to do you can arrange for a rental car with a driver in advance, who can drive you home. If you wish to take your own car, hire a sober driver who will be at your service for the evening, till you get back home safely.

If you are hosting a party at your place consider serving non-alcoholic drinks. If that’s not a choice make sure none of your friends drive after drinking. Arrange for a drop-off for your friends or call their home and ask someone to pick them up from their place.  You don’t want your friends and loved ones to get hurt, so stay alert.

2. Move in Groups

This is quite obvious, but this needs to be mentioned. It is always good to move in groups during the New Year’s Eve. Streets become unsafe and mishaps keep happening. If you are moving in groups, you will have some to help you. Even if your car breaks down in the middle of the road, someone or the other will be able to get help and get the car moving again.

Also make sure you plan out your journey well ahead of time. Each corner of the city will be crowded and it can be difficult to make way if you don’t already know where to head. Use maps or map applications on your smartphone to ensure you move in the right direction.

3. Think of Alternative Ways to get Back Home

No matter how well you plan your evening, things can go upside down any moment. What if your driver has to leave due to an emergency and all the car rental companies run out of cars? These are common problems that people face during rush hours like the New Year’s Eve, so it is always good to have alternative options ready.

Stay connected with close friends and family members. Keep their contact numbers in your wallet or purse, so that people can get in touch with them whenever required.  Keep contact numbers of people who can come down to pick you in case you are in trouble. Also make sure you have your mobile phone and enough money so that you can hire a car or get a taxi even if they charge higher rates. In case you take a taxi, make sure a friend accompanies you since boarding a taxi alone on the New Year’s Eve can be dangerous.

Even if it is essential for you to stay alert, you must enjoy the night to the fullest. Visit your favourite places, hit the best party clubs and don’t forget to take your friends along. Make sure you care and support each other whenever in trouble. Before you move out your home on the New Year’s Eve, have Plan A, B, C and so on, so that you have an alternative plan if one fails. The New Year is supposed to be a new start for everything, so make sure you move into the New Year safely.

New Year Car Rental Resolutions for 2016

As you welcome the 2016, it is time to make fresh resolutions for the brand new year. While your friends will be engaged in making the same old boring resolutions, you can consider trying out some new and interesting resolutions.

Car hire surely does not come to your mind when thinking about New Year resolutions, but since car rental is such a vital aspect of our life, we should take some car rental resolutions this year. Here are some innovative and interesting car rental resolutions that you can consider in the coming year:

1. Try a new type of car

You may be obsessed with a single type of car and have never moved out of it. So as you welcome the New Year, promise yourself to try out a new type of car. Maybe you have been driving a compact car all through your life, so you can drive a hatchback or a muscle car. Bring back the spice in life. Move out of your comfort zone and try out something new.

2. Hire a car and drive out just like that

Most of us hire cars only when we need it. Have you ever hired a car and gone out for a drive, just for the sake of it. Not yet? Try it this year. You don’t always need to have a plan. Just drive you car and start exploring a new road and see where it leads you. Take some of your friends along or at least your adventure companion to make the drive even more interesting.

3. Go out on an adventure trip

Have been planning an adventure trip for a long time? Make the plan work this year. Pack your bags, call upon your friends and get going.  Choose the most adventurous route and set out to achieve your dreams. A road trip is a must for all petrolheads, so why not make this year special and memorable by going out on an adventure trip.

Sure you are already feeling tempted to make these resolutions for the coming year. Yes these can spice up your life but to accomplish your goals, you need to hire the right kind of car from the right car rental company. It is good not to take your own car for a long adventurous trip, since you never know what lies further down the road. Ideally, all the car rental companies offer on-the-road emergency services, so you will have help at hand in case your car breaks down. But if you drive your own car, you may have to walk miles to get help.

Just like you even the car rental companies make New Year resolutions so that they can serve their clients better and increase the satisfaction level as well as the client list. Though resolutions of the car rental companies differ from company to company, there are always some resolutions in common, which are as follows:
  • Rate Transparency: Most well-known and reputed car rental companies swear to maintain transparency in the car rental rates. So when you enquire about the rates, you will not be told about base rates, but the total cost including the taxes and mandatory extra charges.
  • Add New Cars to the Fleet: To serve the clients better it is important to have new and well maintained cars, so that the renters have the best rental experience. Adding new types of cars to the fleet will offer the clients with better choices, so most of the rental companies will be busy adding new cars to their fleet.
  • Stop Levying Unnecessary Charges: Many car renters will be happy if the extra charges like additional driver fees, toll charges, etc. are eliminated. So the car rental companies might also think about removing such unnecessary charges.
  • Eliminating the Full Tank Policy: Most rental companies prefer charging upfront for a full tank. This is one method to maximize the profits for the car rental company. So it is good if the car rental companies can revise this policy and place something better in its place.
After all it is New Year and everyone should have some reason to become happy. So while you promise to take good care of the rental cars and drive safely, the rental companies will pledge to offer you the best services possible.

Holiday Car Rental Tips

So you have planned out your holiday – made the ticket reservations and booked the accommodation as well. What are left with? Just the car rental! Remember, car rental becomes a lot more expensive during the festive season so you need to have a plan which will prevent you from paying excess money.

Renting a car in the last moment or renting a car from the airport are common mistakes renters make, which ultimately result in sky rocketing rental bills. To make things easier and smoother for you, here are some holiday car rental tips:

Get Your Own Car Rental Insurance

Buying insurance from rental companies is always expensive and it becomes even more expensive during the festive season. So it is recommended that you buy your insurance from a third party at a reasonable rate and use it whenever you need to.

Beware of Fuel Policies

This is a tricky one – you either have to pay upfront for a full tank and return the car with an empty tank or fill the tank before returning the car. Identify which one suits you the best and make sure you stick to it completely.

Carry All Extras

When going out for a long drive or a holiday, you need some extra things like SatNavs, child seats, etc. but to avoid paying extra you should carry all the extras yourself.

Make Payments via Your Credit Cards

All reputed car rental companies urge their clients to make their payments through credit cards, so that in case there are problems, you can get them sorted out easily. In case, any car rental company asks to pay in cash, move out of their office immediately.

Check Holiday Car Rental Deals Very Well

A lot of holiday car rental deals are advertised during the Christmas and New Year period, but before making the bookings, check out the deals inside out and be very careful about scams. Deals that seem too good to be true, they actually are. So believe your gut feeling and stay safe.

Whenever looking for holiday car rental deals, make sure you compare rates and get the best deals. Also make sure you work with reputed and experienced car rental companies only. Emerging companies might not be able to provide you with satisfactory services. So to get the best value of the money you spend towards renting a car, locate the best car rental company in your area.

Another important advice would be to make the bookings in advance. This is true for any holiday season. Whether it is summer holidays or New Year holidays, the demand for car rentals remain very high and as a result the rental rates go up. To avoid paying excess make the booking 1 to 2 months in advance.


New Year is no doubt the best time of the year and it is the time to forget all sorrows. Make preparations to celebrate and welcome the brand new year in the most special way. Just in the way you star planning your party well ahead of time, you should also start considering New Year car rentals well in advance.

This is the time when everyone will be looking for car rentals, so the demand for rental cars will be high. Streets remain full during New Year and hundreds of accidents are reported to DUI cases. So be very careful, if you choose to drive the car yourself. Choose the right car rental company and choose the right car, so that you don’t have to face unpleasant situations (a break down or a flat tyre) in the middle of the night.

To keep yourself as well as your friends safe, you need to promise yourself that you will never drink and drive and will never allow your friends to do so as well. Hire a car or hire a sober driver who can drive you home when you are out of senses. Also keep in touch with family members, so that they can come down to rescue you if you face problems.

Finally, it is a must to make some resolutions as you move into a New Year. So try out some innovative and interesting resolutions this year. As the clock ticks 12 and you rejoice the brand new year, promise yourself that you will keep yourself and all your loved ones safe in the New Year. Be careful and plan ahead. Enjoy your holidays to the fullest and make the sweetest memories of your life that you can cherish for a lifetime!

Friday, 30 October 2015

All about Christmas Car Rental

Christmas is that time of the year when the streets in London light up, every nook and corner comes alive with decorations and people from all walks of the life and from all age groups are busy giving and receiving gifts. It is that time of the year when you can feel happiness in the air. People are either busy packing bags or busy organising parties for their loved ones.

No doubt Christmas is the best time of the year; whether it is meeting your extended family, decorating the Christmas tree or waking up to find the Christmas tree loaded with gifts – it is just like living in a fairytale world. Most of us work under pressure throughout the year and this is the time to shed off all tensions and stress and enjoy to the fullest with friends and family. So start planning your vacation right now!

Things to Do in London during Christmas

If you are planning to spend Christmas in London, there is a lot you can do here. Whether you want to have fun with your family or hang around with friends, London has a lot to offer to its people and visitors coming from all around the world.

Christmas lights go up a long time before the actual Christmas celebrations begin and the Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square dresses up and gets ready by 4th December. So of you want to admire the twinkling and dazzling lights and get mesmerised by the jaw dropping decorations – get up on a double-decker bus and go round the city.

If you want to engage in something more interesting and adventurous, you can try ice skating. Most of London’s well known ice rinks are open during Christmas through the New Year, so you can enjoy this festive season gliding elegantly on ice! Nothing can get you in the Christmas mood more than a Christmas carol service. If you want to hear the best Christmas carols in London, you should never miss the Carols by Candlelight at the Royal Albert Hall.

Want to spend this Christmas in the most romantic way? Take your love of the life on a Carriage Ride through the Richmond Park. Hold your hands tight while you get past the magnificent landscapes and artistic scenery. Start your day with warm refreshments, take a tour of the stables and tuck under the blanket while enjoying your carriage ride. 

Some of the best and proven ways to enjoy Christmas in a mind-blowing way is to take your family for shopping followed by a gala lunch or dinner at a posh hotel in London. If you want to have a blast with your friends, the best way is to hire a car and take a tour of the city all through the night. Stop by your favourite locations and visit your favourite pub or disco – what else can you want to make your vacation special!

Whatever your plans are, one thing you must remember is that there will be a huge rush during Christmas, so driving your own car can be difficult. But that does not mean you can’t have fun. Consider hiring a car and a driver and go around the city having as much fun as you want. Christmas is a peak time for car rentals so you should start planning well ahead of time and make sure you get hold of the best Christmas car rental.   
Christmas Car Rental Do’s And Don’ts

Christmas means a lot of preparations – decorating the Christmas tree, wrapping up gifts, baking cakes & cookies and cleaning up the entire home (the toughest part). It is quite evident that people forget the most important thing – Christmas car rental since they get engaged in such household responsibilities. 

Christmas is a peak time for car rentals and the demand for high quality cars surges to a point where it becomes almost impossible to get a car at the last moment. Hence, people who forget booking their rental cars in advance have to face a lot of problems finding Christmas car rental in the last minute.  If you want your Christmas holidays to be memorable and enjoyable, make sure you take out some time from your busy schedule and book a car in advance.

Just in the manner you get prepared for the Christmas celebrations, it is essential that you prepare yourself for booking a Christmas car rental. Here is an easy to follow guide to book a car rental during Christmas:

1. Shop Around for Best Rates

You should start shopping around for car rentals by early December. This is the time when most of the car rental companies offer attractive deals and discounts to attract early bookings. If you make advance bookings you can be lucky to win discounted rates, extra days or complimentary extras.

Car rental companies like YesCarRentals encourage early bookings since they can get an idea of the demand and this helps them to increase their fleet as and when required. Starting early also means you’ll have enough time to compare rates and choose the best deal.

2.  Double Check Your Booking

If you have asked for extras along with your Christmas car rental, make sure you enquire about the additions quite a few times before actually driving the rental car. The car rental representatives become busier during the holiday season and it is quite possible that your request goes unnoticed. If add-ons are a must for you, make sure you double check with the rental representatives about them.

3. Be Patient

In case, you forgot to book a car in advance and you have to rent a car at the last minute, you need to be patient. Many times you can find amazing last minute deals but you have to do some hard work and research a lot. If you are not so lucky, you may have to compromise with your choice and settle for a smaller or larger car.

In case you have booked a car in advance get all the receipts and printed emails, so that even if the rental representatives misplace your booking documents, you have enough proof of your booking. Carrying all the required documents and booking receipts makes the process easier and faster.

No matter what the situation is, you should never wait to book your Christmas car rental. Prepare yourself so that you can make the bookings as soon as the car rental bookings open for Christmas. The longer you wait, the longer will be the queues in front of the car rental receptions and the harder it will be to find a car of your choice. Advance booking also gives you the option to negotiate rates and find better deals. So book you car in advance to ensure you get the car of your choice.
Christmas Car Rental Guide

Christmas is time to get out of your home and get going. So if you are planning to visit a new location and book a Christmas car rental, there are many things that need to be taken care of. Hiring a car during the festive season is very different from hiring a car at any other point of time.

Christmas is the most happening time of the year, so it is necessary that you plan your vacations well ahead of time to make it special and stress free. Here are some do’s and dont’s that will help make your Christmas car rental smooth.

1. Book a Car in Advance: This is a no brainer but the most important factor to be considered. Festive season means there will be a huge rush for car rentals so booking a car at the last moment would mean compromising with the choice of car you need. Whether you are visiting your relatives or going on a vacation, it is important to get the right type of car rental to make your journey smooth and comfortable.

The festive season is the profit making time for car rental agencies, so as the demand increases the price of the car rentals also goes up. Christmas means you will have to spend a lot on gifts, renovating your home and travelling, so it is wise to save as much as you can on your car rental.

2. Hire the Right Kind of Vehicle: if you are travelling to a different place it is essential that you consider the weather conditions during your visit. Many car rental companies allow you to book cars online and from a different location, so make sure you get to know about the climate of the place you are visiting before booking a car. If you are booking a car in London, it is equally important to check the weather forecast. If there is a possibility of snowfall, hiring a convertible can ruin your plans. So hire a car according to the weather conditions. Also before hiring a car, make sure you check the condition of the car you are hiring to ensure it can withstand the climatic conditions.

3. Drive Safe: Holiday season means having fun and this means there are a lot of drunk and drive cases which lead to accidents. Driving during the holiday season can be dangerous than other times of the year, so it is necessary that you get the appropriate insurance coverage to protect yourself from any mishaps. Shop around and get the best insurance deals to keep yourself and your family protected.

Insurance is important if you are planning to drive out of the city. Since you will be driving on unknown roads, the chances of accidents increase manifolds. A proper coverage will keep you safe from the additional costs of repair and recovery.

One more thing that you should consider during Christmas is that, there is a huge amount of traffic during this season so you need to drive very carefully. If you have plans to get drunk and have fun, consider hiring a driver along with the car rental. Having a driver to drive you around will ensure that you are safe and secured. A driver will also be able to take you to your destination within the short period of time since they know every corner of the city well.

4. Look for Local Car Rental Agencies: Hiring at the airport can become even more expensive during the festive season, so if you want to save money, it is wise to check the car rental deals with local car rental agencies. The only downside with local car rental companies is that you may not get a pick-up from the airport and you may have to travel to the car rental office in order to pick up your rental car. If you can do so, you will be able to save a lot of money.

5. Deals and Discounts: Christmas also means a lot of deals and discounts on everything including clothes, gift items and car rentals. A number of car rental companies offer special Christmas deals that can help you save a lot on car rentals, so make sure you shop around before booking your car. To find deals and discounts, check the company websites as well as the websites dealing with car rentals.
Christmas is the time to be jolly and the right car rental can make it even jollier. So if you have plans to spend an awesome time outside your home, consider booking a car much in advance. Happy and hassle-free travelling will surely make this Christmas merrier!

Why Make Christmas Car Rental in Advance?

“Advance car rental bookings” during Christmas has been mentioned many times, since this is the most important factor when hiring a car during this festive season. It is not only about peace of mind, but there are a number of other factors that are associated with early bookings.

Studies show that the car rental rates almost quadruple during peak hiring seasons in certain cities and finding an appropriate car becomes harder than ever. The hike in rate is mostly due to the increased staffing costs as well as the high demand for rental cars. If you are planning to visit your extended family or friends in a different city, it is essential to hire a car on the exact dates according to your travel plans. But if you fail to rent a car in advance, you might have to compromise with your travel plans and change it according to the availability of a rental car. In worst case, you may also have to cancel all your plans.

In many cases, people have to settle for a smaller car even if they are travelling in a group which makes the journey uncomfortable or take a van for a family of four. To make your journey memorable and comfortable it is very essential that you hire the right kind of vehicle.

Booking a Christmas car rental in advance means you can get the best deals as well as a car according to your travelling needs.  It helps you save a lot of time, money and hard work, so if you have travelling plans during Christmas, make sure you book a car at least a month in advance.

Beware of Christmas Car Rental Scams

Christmas is a merry time but not everyone has good intentions. A number of people set up scams to trap people and suck up as much money as they can. A number of unscrupulous people have conned car renters by promising amazing deals on Christmas car rentals and people who have given in to such deals have lost hundreds of pounds. BVRLA, the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association has noticed that such scams are planned specifically for Christmas since this a short term peak period and it is easier to con people and  get away with it.

Conmen like these set up fake website to showcase amazing deals and some even advertise with reputed publications to attract renters and prove their credibility. For instance, a car rental firm named “Rentmac” conned a large number of people by placing advertisements in the Guardian and other well known publication that promised good quality car rentals at "Xmas special" bargain rates. Many people handed over money but the deal never materialised.

This is the reason why people should be extra cautious with car rentals during the festive seasons. The BVRLA believe there can be more scams this years and it is trying best to protect the consumers from getting trapped. To help renters hire a car without hassles and to ensure that they do not lose their hard earned cash to conmen, BVRLA has come up with some tips for Christmas car rentals:

  • If you are booking through a website or checking out deals, make sure you check whether the website is legitimate or not.

  • Work with companies who are a member of BVRLA. Check for the BVRLA logo on the front desk or on the homepage of the website to make sure you are working with an authentic car rental company that follows a certain code of conduct.

  • Book in advance, so that you get the best deal and you have enough time to check the credibility of the car rental company.

  • Make sure you have a good idea of the level of risk associated – check whether there are hidden charges, additional charges for damages, etc.

  • Most reputed car rental companies would ask for a credit or debit card transaction, so beware of companies that ask you to pay in cash.

  • If you are booking online, make sure the website uses a secured payment gateway. Check whether the web address starts with https:// and whether there is a small padlock symbol in front of the URL.

  • Avoid third party car rental services. Always try to hire from companies that operate their own fleet of cars.

  • Check the condition of the car thoroughly before signing the contract. Also note down any existing marks or damages before driving out the car.

  • When returning the car, make sure you hand over the vehicle to an authorised representative and ask him to check the car before leaving. It would be better if you can get in written that you returned the car without damages.

  • Lastly believe your instincts; if a deal sounds too good to be true, it is probably true. So move on and look for other deals that sound authentic.
So to ensure you have a good time it is necessary to check out whether the car rental deal you are giving in to is authentic or not. Ask for past referrals, do a background check and check whether the company is a registered member of an organization or not.

It is wise to save money but you should never judge a deal based on price alone. It is quite natural that the rental rates would be bit high during the peak season, so rock bottom rates should raise an alarm naturally! Hire wisely and have a great time this Christmas.

Christmas Car Rentals for Young Drivers

Apart from meeting family members, many of you can also plan an outing with your friends and if you are just out of school or college, hiring a car during Christmas can be even more difficult. As you already know, not many car rental companies are willing to rent their cars to drivers below the age of 25 years; it can become more difficult during the peak season.

Many car rental companies agree to rent out cars to young drivers so that they can have their cars running and keep up with their earnings (especially during the off seasons), while some others rent out for extra charges. But owing to the huge demand during the holiday season and the higher chances of accidents, car rental companies would shy away from renting cars to young people.

So if you want to hire a car to go out with your friends, you must start looking for a Christmas car rental much in advance, before the actual rush starts. Also, make sure you have a good driving background so that the rental company has no inhibitions renting you a car. If you want to make things easier, you can include someone senior within your group and hire the car in his/ her name.

Remember, driving during winter can be a lot tougher than driving during summers, so make sure whoever drives the car is confident enough. Also make sure you have enough back-ups in case you face mishaps in between your journey. Before hiring a car, enquire whether the car rental company offers round the clock emergency services or not.

No doubt Christmas is the time to let yourself out but you should be extra cautious if you are driving a rental car. Not only will you hurt yourself, in case you meet an accident, you will also have to pay huge compensations to the car rental company. So to make your journey enjoyable drive safe and have fun!

A Final Thought

Christmas is the best time of the year and everyone is busy preparing for the celebrations. Apart from decorating the tree, lighting up your house and baking delicious cakes you will also have to take care of the Christmas car rentals.

This is one important task to be done, if you have plans to drive out of the city to meet your extended family or have fun with friends. Remember, a number of conmen set up traps during these festive to suck up money from renters, so you must be very careful while renting cars. Don’t get swayed by rock bottom prices. A deal that seems too good to be true might be a trap. Avoid them and look for better deals. Also check whether the car rental company is authentic and has been there in the market for a long time. To choose the right Christmas car rental you can follow the BVRLA rules and stay away from traps.

One more important aspect of Christmas car rentals is that, you must book a car in advance, so that you get the best deal and the perfect car according to your travelling needs. Waiting for the last minute means you have to pay sky rocketing charges and might also have to make changes to your travel plans.

Just like you start preparing for Christmas much in advance – buy gifts for loved ones, buy decorations, clean your home – you should also start planning your vacation and car rental in advance so that you have peace of mind and are able to enjoy Christmas to the fullest. Remember the do’s and don’ts when renting a car during holiday season and have a lot of fun this Christmas.

Whether you are travelling with your friends and family, obey the traffic rules and drive safe, so that each one of you make sweet memories that you can cherish throughout your life. So happy renting and merry Christmas to all of you!