Friday, 18 December 2015

Know About Your Car Rental Hidden Costs

Nowadays with the eventual rise in the cost of living, it is practically impossible to own cars in UK. At the same time, having a car at your disposal is required as well. Renting cars have always been convenient over owing them. They give the sense of ownership of cars for a certain period of time without having to take additional responsibilities for the same. You can have your peace of mind and freedom as well. People have chosen this trend because of the convenience it offers. It reduces the burden of maintenance, insurance and depreciation drastically.

However there can be various instances where you can be taken for a ride in the process of renting if you have not conducted your ground study effectively. Wembley in the UK is one of the prime locations where the trend of renting cars is predominant. It is because Wembley is a residential area  besides having number of places to visit like the Wembley Arena, St. Stephen’s Church, Wembley Stadium, Barham Park to name a few, that car rental Wembley is gaining more and more precedence over other locations.

Here are some of the insights on the hidden costs associated with car rentals:
  • Various car rental agencies would charge the administration fees with various names and at various points of the rental tenure. Like if you meet an accident while driving the rental car, the repair bill will be taken care of by the insurer, but you might have to pay the administration fees, charged by the rental agency. And this can add hundreds of dollar to your rental bill.
  • Many car rental Wembley agencies will eventually delay the process to go beyond the period of claiming the insurance, so that they can suck up an excess amount from you. So be careful. Ensure to complete all the formalities within the cap period. Also make sure all the details of the repair costs and administration fees are clearly mentioned in the documents.
  • Sometimes you may have to pay hefty administration fees while you pass through electronic toll booths. Ideally these charges are billed in name of the rental agency, but most car rental Wembley agencies shall have them billed against your rental bill. It takes quite some time in settling these out.
  • Other hidden costs may include Registration Recovery Fees, Surcharges for Credit Card Payments, booking cancellation fees, one way rental surcharge, early return and late return fees. None of these are mentioned to you at the time of agreement. So guard against them and get yourself properly clarified in order to prevent yourself from falling prey to their traps.
There are innumerable car rental services to choose from. You may check YesCarRental, a well reputed car rental service provider in London, with a wide fleet of cars available for hire.

While renting cars few people are lucky to have everything in place and have the best car rental experience. Something or the other has to go wrong and most of the time one thing that messes up everything is the hidden cost. Hence do your research to make your experience a comfortable one.


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