Monday, 4 January 2016

Tips on Van Hire When Moving House

For anyone who is moving house it can be an extremely stressful and tedious process from going ahead with handing the house over, packing all your belongings into little boxes and then moving these to the new house and unloading. It can be even more confusing when deciding what vehicle to choose to actually move all your stuff. With a fleet of cheap car hire services in Wembley you shall be spoilt for choice when it would come to selecting your van for moving your belongings to your new home. Vans come in a variety of shapes and sizes but it is totally dependent on your need as to which one to hire.

Nowadays the concept of personally going to your new place in your own car to deposit your things is not feasible anymore. Also with the advent of numerous car hire services which offer variety and affordable pricing, renting a van is the best option. If it is your first house and you require to move a small load and a few boxes of things which are not going to fit into a car band you do need to transport then you need to take a look at smaller options which are widely offered by a number of cheap car hire services in Wembley. These are highly suitable and have an approximate load area of around 1.7 meters long by 1.5 meters wide and1.2 meters tall.

Once you know which van is right for you all you need to ensure that you pack your belongings properly to ensure that your items are transported without being damaged. YesCarRentals are one of the most sought after van hire service providers in Wembley. Not only do we offer affordable pricing to suit the budget of our customers, we have a fleet of vans for you to choose from.

Some general Tips to help you in the process of packing are-
  • If possible, dismantle your furniture. Protect damageable surfaces with pads.
  • Defrost your refrigerator. Protect upholstery with plastic covers.
  • Hang your clothes on hangers or lay it flat in wardrobe boxes.
  • Pack electrical goods separately and upright in boxes. Place plants in large boxes.
And don't forget to label all your boxes with their content and where they need to be placed in your new home. This will make it a lot easier when unloading.
Once your goods are delivered here are some basic tips to help you unfold-
  • Park your van as close as possible to where you will be loading from.
  • Check that the door you will be loading from allows you enough room.
  • Place mattresses, upholstery and tables on their sides against the wall.
  • Place heavy boxes on the bottom, and lighter ones on top of them.
Make your checklist and go through it carefully before moving ahead with your shifting plans. Conduct your homework properly about the van hire service providers and choose the ones that give the best deal. You may also go by recommendations to ensure your shifting process a smooth one.

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