Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Is It Worth Pre-Paying for Gas When Renting a Car?

So you are at the car rental counter and you have decided which car you want to rent and whether you want to get additional insurance or not. There is still one more thing you need to decide; whether to pre pay for gas or not. Though it is touted to be a great advantage by the car rental companies, it means different things for car renters. Some find it very convenient whereas for some it is a complete no-no!

While the car rental companies say, it is great option since you don’t have to worry about topping the tank when you return the car, for many it is a money maker for the rental company. Car rental Wembley can be very expensive, if you don’t make the right decision. Just like deciding whether you need additional insurance or not, it is crucial to decide whether you want to pre-pay for gas or not.

 Should You Pre-Pay for Gas? Think Again!

Most of the sales person behind the counter at the car rental office will push you to pay upfront for gas. Why? It is a great opportunity for them to make some money. The car rental agency would justify that they offer the pre-paid gas at prices lower than the local gas stations, but there are many things that are not revealed to the renters.

Firstly, in most cases the gas prices were either higher or equal to that of the local gas stations. There are almost no car rental agencies that offer gas at lower prices.

Secondly, the prices quoted by the rental agencies were the pre-tax rates, unlike the local gas stations where the rates are inclusive of the taxes. Pre-paid gas is also subject to higher tax rates which means the prices would automatically become more than what you get at the gas station. You’ll be charged extra if you hire the car from the airport. It is true that the car rental companies won’t be able to put this amount into their pockets, but it is not even good on their part to misguide people. There should be enough transparency.

Thirdly, even if a car rental company offers pre-paid gas at cheaper rates, it is almost impossible for you to return the car with an empty tank. Even if you return the car with one-fourth or one-third tank, it is a gain for them.

A Final Thought

So it is always good to fill up the tank before returning the car. But if you choose fill the tank when returning, make sure you do so. In case you forget, you will have to pay huge compensations and that would be higher than what you had to pre-pay.

By making the right decision, you can make sure that your car rental Wembley is both affordable and smooth. So know what options are available to you and do your own homework before you reach the counter. If you have decided not to pre-pay stick to your point, make sure you fill the tank before returning the car.

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