Monday, 4 January 2016

Taking Your Girlfriend on A Long Drive – Consider A Short Term Car Rental

If you need to take your girlfriend out for a long drive renting a short term car can help you save money and avoid insurance hassles. Numerous car rental companies have emerged over the years. Car rentals have become easier with car categories breakdown along with a full vehicle fleet guides to help people make their choice. Besides, there are features such as flexible rental terms. In some cases you may have the freedom to rent a car as per your need and convenience, sometimes even for a short term.

Here is a look at some of the advantages offered by a short term car rental Wembley service provider-
  • You get a new car straight from the factory.
  • You save money because short-term leases aren't subject to VAT (value-added tax), which typically ranges from 16 to 21 percent for car rentals.
  • You get full comprehensive insurance, with no deductible and no extra charges
  • You can pick up your car at one location and drop it off at another if you wish.
  • Age limits are minimal. Most car rental Wembley will lease to licensed drivers over the age of 18, with no maximum age. This is in contrast to many rental firms who won't do business with young drivers or adults over 70.

Apart from the above mentioned pointers there are other benefits too-

1. No Long-Term Commitment- Renting is advantageous for people who know they will not need or want the car for a considerable time period. For example, someone who expects to move every few years for work might opt to lease a car rather than deal with the hassle of moving and re-registering the car in each new location. Besides in case if you are planning for short vacations, trips or long drives renting a car is the best option.

2. Lesser Maintenance and Repair- Since the rented car is typically brand new, the chance of serious maintenance or repair issues coming up is fairly small. In most cases, the car remains under the manufacturer’s warranty for the entire period of the rent which means that you are not responsible for any payments that an owner would have to abide by.

3. Less Monthly Cost- Rental payments are lower, sometimes substantially lower, than loan payments for the same vehicle, and there are often no upfront charges, such as the down payment required when purchasing. For some people, this is the bottom line.

Numerous companies like YesCarRentals offer a wide fleet of cars available for hire. It has deals and offers to suit the need and budget of all. 


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