Monday, 7 December 2015

Wedding Car Hire Mistakes to Avoid

A lot of effort is needed to make a wedding successful and arranging for suitable transportation is one of the most essential undertakings. It is evident that you and your family members would be very busy on this special day, so it is best to start planning everything well in advance. Right from the venue, to the caterer and the car hire, everything should be planned in advance.

The reality however is different. Most people forget about arranging for the wedding transportation or leave it for the last minute. This leads to a number of confusions and probability of making mistakes with car hire in Greenford is highest. You want your wedding day to be the most special and memorable day in your life, so make sure you avoid the following mistakes with your wedding car rental. 

Hiring from Individuals

Hiring from an individual may help you save quite a lot of money but individuals may not be able to offer professional services. Hiring a car from a professional car rental company like YesCarRental gives you peace of mind on your special day, since you don’t have to worry about delayed arrival, sudden break-down, etc. Even if something goes wrong the car rental companies would have alternatives to handle the situation.

Not Reading the Contract

It is necessary that you read the car hire contract thoroughly. It is quite evident that you will be excited and worried about other important things during your wedding, but you should never skim through the contract. Take time to read the contract and check whether any ambiguous clause is included. All the details regarding the pick-up location, date, time, etc. should be clearly mentioned. If any clause seems unclear, ask for a clarification. Do not sign the contract until everything is clear to you.

Wrong Time Management

If you are willing to use the same for number of purposes, it is necessary that you time everything correctly. Add 10-15 minutes to each interval as a cap time, so even if the car gets stuck in traffic you will have time to make up the delay.

Making Choices Based on Price Only

No doubt budget is an important factor when it comes to planning a wedding, but you should never make choices based on price only. Cheap price never indicate you are getting the best deals, rather you might be messing up things. Cheap car rentals often mean you have to compromise with the condition of the car, you can also expect below average services and chances are there will be a lot of hidden costs.

So instead of looking at the prices, check the services that are offered in the quoted price. This way you can get the best value of the money you spend.

Not Asking for Recommendations

To ensure you get the best wedding car rental, it is good to ask your friends and family for recommendations. If you have hired a wedding planner, you can ask them as well. Instead of embarking on a search for good car rental companies, you can save a lot of time by asking your friends and family.

Weddings are meant to the most special day in one’s life, so don’t allow your day to get ruined due to a bad choice. Start planning ahead and make sure you avoid all the above mentioned wedding car hire mistakes.


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