Monday, 30 November 2015

Car Hire Wembley Myths Busted

Car hire is an integral part of our life and there are times when we can’t do without a car rental. Think of a situation when your car has landed in the repair shop or when you need to drop your daughter at the new college – the first thing that comes across your mind is a car rental.

There are many benefits of hiring a car over driving your own car, so car hire Wembley is becoming a part of our everyday life. There is no worrying about maintenance, no worries about repairs and you don’t even have to worry by the depreciating value of the vehicle. All you do is hire a car, drive it and return it back when you’re done. Those who hire cars frequently know that there are a lot of rumours about car hire myths which might frighten people who don’t rent a car frequently. Some of the most common myths are busted in the following section:

Car Rental Scams? They are Past!

Even though car rental companies try their level best to make the car hire experience peaceful and friendly, not everyone is lucky to go through such a soothing experience. Oftentimes customers are scammed by car rental companies; they are charged highly and a number of hidden costs are added to their rental bills.

To avoid all kinds of car rental scams it is necessary that you communicate clearly with the car rental agency and let them know your expectations. Only transparency in communication can assure a hassle-free car rental experience.

Vehicle Inspection before Hiring

When talking about car hiring best practices, this comes on top. Most car rental companies claim that they allow their customers to check the condition of the car before hiring, but in reality the customers seldom get a chance to do that. There has been a lot of hullaballoo about vehicle inspection among the customers and car rental companies.

To ensure you have a good car rental experience, you should the condition of the car thoroughly. If you find minor damages, click photos and keep them for future reference. If possible the damages in notice of the car rental staffs. Ask as many questions as you can such as, what if you spot a damage after renting the car?  What extent of natural wear and tear is acceptable? How much will you be charged is there are minor damages? 

Unexpected Hail Damages

In many cases, car rental companies charge heavily customers for hail damages. Even though these damages are not visible to naked eyes, the rental companies leave no chance to maximize their profits. So it is urgent that you consider the weather conditions before hiring a car.

If you have to hire a car when you’re expecting hail, you must enquire about the damage checking process, how much money you’ll be charged in case of damages, how you will make sure the damages were caused by you, etc.
No one wants to get into a dispute regarding their car rental, so it is very essential that you communicate clearly and read the car rental policies thoroughly. Being honest is the key to a glitch free experience for both the car rental company and the car hire Wembley customers.

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