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Car Hire for Young Drivers (Under 21 years of age) and New Drivers (Who have recently passed their driving test)

Most young drivers (under the age of twenty one) and new drivers (who have recently passed their driving test) in the United Kingdom find is super complicated and almost impossible to hire a car. Most of the car hire companies in the United Kingdom have a standard age limit of 22 years or 23 years depending on the company policies and the type of vehicle the young or new driver wants to rent. Though it is indeed possible to rent a car but most young and new drivers have to spend a lot of time finding who will rent the car to them and they also eventually end up spending a lot more than normal drivers.

This blog we endeavor to give you information, helpful tips, and also guide you with anything and everything that you should know as a young or new driver looking to rent a car or hire a car if you are under the age of twenty one. We give you unbiased information as well as recommendations and helpful tips along with DO’s and DONT’s of hiring as a young or new driver.

Avoid the BIG NAMES:

The first thing that most people do while hiring or renting a vehicle is to go for the BIG BRANDS. While we appreciate that the biggies are better known and trusted because of the money they spend on advertising and marketing, they may not always be the best companies to hire a vehicle as a young or new driver. Most of these biggies would have set policies and standards and have no room for adjustments in their policies. Especially because any of the branches you visit would have a STAFF and not an OWNER who can understand your requirements and tailor-make a car hire for you. You get this luxury only with Independent Rentals like Yes Car Hire (www.yescarrentals.co.uk) for example who can accommodate you to ensure that you don’t have to go running around with unnecessary documentation for a simple car hire.

Why Independent Rentals?

The chances and probabilities of a successful car hire or vehicle renting for drivers under the age of 21 or drivers who have recently acquired their driving license is much hire with Small to Medium, Independent Car Rental Companies. You stand a higher chance of renting a car or vehicle if you visit a small, independent care hire and car renting service provider. Like I wrote above, the smaller the company, the more flexible their policies and rules. This doesn’t mean that they go lenient with the drivers, but only means that because in most cases you would always find the business owner available, the chances of him deciding to allow a hire or car renting is much higher than when visiting the big organisations.

Advanced Booking or On-The-Spot Booking?

This is an interesting question and we had to carry out a mock survey to see the results. What we found out was Amazing!

Also, Instead of booking your car hire online or in advance, it is better to personally visit the car hire company you think may be able to rent you the vehicle. You may find that many a times independent rental companies end up offering you old cars because by allowing you to rent or hire an old car, they will eventually be a lot less concerned about any damage to the vehicle. In fact there are a few car hire companies in the United Kingdom that specialise only in Old Vehicle hire and allow under 21s and newly passed drivers to hire these older vehicles. In some countries, like Australia for example, there are quite a lot of companies doing this business of renting older vehicles to new and young drivers.

You may also find that a lot of  times these older cars may be linked with limited mileage allowance and other terms and conditions in the car hire policy to be able to successfully allow you to rent these cars.

Young Driver Surcharge – WHAT and WHY?

A young driver surcharge is an additional cost you may have to pay for being under the age of 21 while renting the car or for having acquired a license quite recently.

The logic behind Young Driver Surcharge is very simple. Young and inexperienced driving means more risk. More risks mean more insurance costs. More insurance costs mean a higher renting cost for you. For the simple reason that rental companies look at young and new drivers as a higher risk than normal experienced drivers, they may add an additional cost to your bill (called the young driver surcharge) on top of the basic rental charges.

Mostly if you book your cars online, there may not be any mention of the surcharge because of the simple reason that most websites are not equipped to handle that. But thanks to the team at Yes Car Rentals, which foresighted this as a problem and allow you to calculate the prices online by calculating your age and also the time when you passed the license.

What you pay in surcharge varies from one Car Hire Company to another, but on an average, you should expect to pay anything between £20 to £40 as Young Drivers Surcharge.

Younger Drivers means a lot tighter rules and strict policies.

Almost all of the companies that allow young driver renting have much tighter hiring rules and a lot stricter policies as compared to a normal standard driver over their standard age limit for car hire. Some of the things you should consider before hiring a car or renting a vehicle are:

Do you have endorsements on your Driving License?
If you have any endorsements, penalties or stamps against your Driving License, you may, along with paying a young drivers surcharge, end up paying an additional fee for these endorsements.

Are you using your own credit or debit card?
In most of the cases, young drivers use someone else’s credit or debit card to secure the deposit and pay for the car hire fees. I that is the case with you, you are better off taking that person along with you when picking up the car, simply to avoid any denial. In most cases, the car hire company will require the card holder or the person who is paying for the rental to be present at the time of picking the vehicle from the car hire location.

Insurance Excess
In most cases your insurance access to cover you during the period of the hire will be higher than standard drivers who are over the age limit and also experienced.

Who shall you hire from?

There are a few companies out there. Yes Car Rentals (www.yescarrentals.co.uk) for example, is one of the most recommended car hire and vehicle renting providers in the United Kingdom that rents cars and vans to young and new drivers aged seventeen years and above

Yes Car Rentals Service for Young and New Drivers has been around since 2009 and currently operate from their London Office. Their full address is Location Yes Car Rentals, Vanguard Business Centre, UB6 8AA, United Kingdom and they can be contacted during office hours on 02085757777. They are a highly recommended company and are a popular name amongst young drivers and newly passed drivers, especially university students, graduates and other international drivers. With a good customer fan following and an easy to use website, Yes Car Rentals offers car hire and van hire services to new and young drivers for the best prices in London.

If you are a young or new driver under 21 you will have to pay a young driver surcharge which generally depends on the kind of vehicle you want to hire. Even if it looks like the rental expense has increased because of the surcharge (which generally makes the hiring look expensive), Yes car Rentals are still a lot cheaper than many other Young Car Hire Companies. They are much very upfront about their Charges and make sure that you do not end up being surprised with hidden charges of other expenses not agreed upon when you go to collect the vehicle. Their prices generally include the following but you should check with them before booking as this depends on a lot of factors like your age, date and time of booking, type of vehicle you want to book and so on.
  • ·         Young driver surcharge.
  • ·         Vehicle registration fee.
  • ·         Local tax.
  • ·         Damage cover (not including excess).
  • ·         Unlimited mileage.
  • ·         Theft protection.

Helpful Tips if you are thinking of hiring a car or van as a young driver.
·         Remember, there are a lot more chances of you being allowed to hire a car or a van if you rent a car as a walk-in customer rather than an online customer. This is simply because if you book your car or van hire online, you are not actually interacting with anyone, whereas in a walk-in scenario you can explain your situation and if all goes well, you  may be allowed to hire the car, which the online system of most websites would not allow you do when booking online.
·         If you are thinking of hiring a car, try hiring it from a tourist location or the main holiday location. The reason is simple, there are far more companies located around and competing with each other. This means you would have a lot of companies that may be more willing for business than the others which are strict towards young and new drivers.
·         As mentioned above, the smaller a rental company the more likely the chances of you being allowed to rent their vehicles. Compared to the big ones. Independent car hire businesses are usually a lot more flexible in their policies, prices and rules and regulations against young drivers.
·         There are also some web portals that compare the various car hire prices and availability. You can try these websites to see approximately how much you would be paying so you have an idea of your costs and then you can add up the surcharges to calculate your cost of hiring as a young driver.
·         You may want to call it a compromise, but Young Drivers and New Drivers are often only able to rent or hire old vehicles, small vehicles and amongst the cheapest cars that are available. Reason is simple, the more expensive a car, the more latest a model, the higher the insurance costs and risk associated with it. Just ask yourself, would you give your Newly Purchased Laptop to a toddler to mess around with? NO is the answer.
·         Make it a habit to read the terms and conditions carefully especially the small print before you agree to any charges, surcharges, costs and expenses associated with your car hire. There are several companies out there that would take advantage of your ignorance and may want to charge you a higher rate.
·         There are times when you may end up paying a 3rd Party Insurance cost. You should ideally check with the car rental company what the insurance provided covers you for. If you are already driving a car and are insured for 3rd party cover, and are allowed to drive rented cars and vehicles, you may be able to reduce your cost of renting by letting the rental company know that you are already covered for 3rd Party Covers.
·         Almost all car hire and van hire companies will ask you to pay a deposit. This is normally taken on a debit or credit card, but some rare cases, you may even be asked for cash. This is highly unlikely, but to be on the safer side, it is wise to carry some case, or have a cash machine on your mind close to the renal location.
·         Also remember to have the card in your name and if not, have the person with you when you go to pick up the vehicle. Simply because everyone wants to avoid frauds, companies may wish to take authorisation from the card holder.
·         In a few cases, we have seen that some car and van hire companies allow another person to be added as an additional driver on the vehicle. This means that if they cannot directly give you the car, they may allow a parent, friend or colleague to hire or rent the car and then add your name as an additional driver who is an under-age driver. This may at times involve an extra cost.
On Yes Car Rentals website, you can instantly see all the vehicles (including cars and vans) available along with the cost of renting that vehicle. When looking for a quote online, and searching for a vehicle you will be asked to enter your age, date on which you passed the driving test and also your date of birth. You would then be displayed with all the available options online and you can choose from whichever vehicle you wish to hire.

Being a new driver vs being a young driver

New Drivers:
Good News: You just passed your driving test!
Bad News: You still won’t be able to easily hire a car in the United Kingdom..

Young Drivers:
Good News: There are companies like Yes Car Rentals that will let you hire a car with ease!
Bad News: You still will have to pay additional surcharges and extras for the hire for being an under 21 driver.

Unfortunately, you cannot blame the car hire companies for being reluctant to rent cars to younger and less experienced drivers. If you have a car of your own and have only just passed your test, you surely know that the insurance costs are punitive, and car hire companies are subject to these costs too. The reason for surcharges is usually to cover the additional cost of insuring younger drivers.


Hiring a car if you are under 25 or and over 21. Spending hours ringing around different car hire companies can be tedious, especially if they have strict age policies of 25 and over.

When you book a Car Rental/Hire online these prices include your rate of insurance, your young/new driver surcharge therefore when you collect the vehicle there are NO hidden insurance charges NO hidden rental extras.

Depending on how old you are companies like Yes Car Rentals can arrange car hire for you, if you would like to find out more information on which Vehicle you would be eligible for please contact Yes Car rentals reservation department and they would be able to go through the different cars we have available. They have a huge array of cars for Vauxhall Insignia, Ford Focus, Audi A1, BMW one Series 120D ,118i, Smart Car, Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa, Audi A4, BMW 320D and many more. Their mission is to make the hire of Cars and Vans simple and accessible to everyone. 

They also offer an impressive range of products to make your Car hire journey even more pleasurable.

These include:
·         In-car stereo systems
·         Portable Sat Nav systems
·         High visibility clothing
·         Children Car Seats

Some Commonly Asked Questions About Hiring as a Young or New Driver

I am 23 as of today would I be able to hire a car?
Yes, so long as you meet the driving standard requirements and have a valid UK licence, you should be able to hire a car.
I have an international driving license, would I be able to hire a car?
The answer to this is yes however you need to have a FULL UK licence for a year prior to hiring

I am 21 as of today would I be able to hire a car?
Yes, you can hire from companies like Yes Car Rentals as a young driver.

Can I Hire A Car With No Young Driver Surcharge and No Additional Fees?
Yes, The surcharges depend on your age and driving experience. If you qualify as a normal hirer, you should be able to hire a car or a van or any other vehicle for that matter without the young driver surcharge or any additional fee.

As A Young Driver How Long Do You Need To Of Held Your Licence Before Hiring?
It really varies on how flexible the car rental company is, but you would mostly need to hold your Full UK Driving licence for at least a year to be able to hire a car from most car rental companies in the United Kingdom.

Just Passed My Test Can I Hire A Car?
With most companies you will need to wait until you have been driving 12 months. However, thanks to Yes Car Rentals, you would be able to hire a car or van as a new driver. There may be some additional charges, but hiring is possible.

I Have Points on my license and I am A Young Driver. Would I be able to Hire?
This varies case to case. A lot of it depends on your age, number of points you have, any endorsements against driving, and what these points or endorsements are for?
The sad news is in most cases, you would be rejected by the popular car hire companies or be asked for hefty deposits and surcharges. But you can try some independent car rental companies like Yes Car Rentals and depending on your case and eligibility, you may just be able to hire a car with them.

Does It Cost More To Rent A Car If You’re Under 25?
Yes. Normally the cost of hiring a car or a van or any other vehicle for that matter would be higher than those who are over the age of 25. Most companies would have a young driver surcharge and hence the cost of hiring as an under 25 will in most cases be higher.

Is There Any Discounts For Under 25 Young Drivers?
Never heard of, but worth asking if you are going to pick up your vehicle as a walk-in customer. You never know, you may end up with a seasonal offer or a discount. There is no harm in asking! Go for it!

Any van hire companies that rent vans to 21 year olds in London
You may try Yes Car Rentals. From all we know, they are the most flexible car and van hire companies in London for young and new drivers.

It’s not that difficult as it appears if you have done your homework and go with a reliable (and most probably independent) car hire company. It may cost you a bit more than normal drivers, but again, you pay for the luxury of being able to hire at an age, that is normally considered high risk driving age.

About Yes Car Rentals:
Address:      Unit 1, Station Approach, Old Field Lane UB6 0AL, United Kingdom
Website:      http://www.yescarrentals.co.uk

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