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The Comprehensive Guide about Cheap Car Hire Services in Wembley

When going out on a business trip or vacation the first thing that you will be worried about is transportation. But you need not worry. Renting a car can offer you the flexibility required to move from one place to another comfortably. The attitude towards owning a car has changed dramatically over the past few years. High maintenance costs, ever increasing fuel costs and lower returns have compelled people to think about other means of transportation. Consumers are becoming smarter and more aware of the way they spend, so they are inclined towards renting than owning a car.

Buying a car can be tough for people with low credit scores or poor credit histories. You may not get approved for a car loan, but you can rent a hire without hassles under similar conditions. Even if you get approved for car loans, you will be bound to pay high monthly installments and you will only own the car once you have repaid the entire loan amount. By the time you repay the loan amount completely, the vehicle’s value may have decreased by 20-40 percent. Renting a car makes sense here, since you will not have to worry about the depreciating value of the vehicle.   

So, whether you are going on a business tour or a leisure trip, cheap car hire services in Wembley will provide the perfect transportation solution. If you are among those who do not use a car too often, it might just get too expensive to maintain a car. In such situations, hiring a car on daily basis or on a short term would be a better option. Hiring a car can also come in handy, while moving things from location to another. If you don’t want to hire movers & packers, you can hire a van and move things yourself. Renting a car is much easier than buying one, since the cheap car hire services in Wembley will make all arrangements on behalf of you, while you enjoy the drive.

Long Term Car Rentals in Wembley

Transportation is an essential part of our life and to make things easier, car rentals are available for varying tenures. So while you can hire a car for single day, you also have the option to hire it for a longer period. Most of the car rental companies would offer car rental on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Many rental companies would also offer car leasing options that allow you to keep the car for years (ideally 2-3 years). So depending upon your car rental requirements you can hire a car of your choice.

There may be many reasons why you would want to hire a car for a long term. Some common reasons for hiring a long term car rental are – extended vacations, temporary relocation, business purposes, etc. Businesses who are in need to deliver items (florists, grocery stores, etc), but are not able to own a car can also take advantage of long term car rentals. 

Many people have the perception that hiring a vehicle for long term might be very expensive, but in contrary, long term car rentals are much cheaper. Businesses can specially benefit from long term rentals since they can save money as well as have peace of mind. It is difficult, especially for small businesses, to maintain more than one type of car, since the maintenance costs go up considerably, but if you consider hiring a car, you can choose a car according to your needs. You do not have to worry about insurance claims, tyre replacements, repairs, etc. All you do is pay the upfront money and the monthly payments and have peace of mind.

Benefits of Long Term Car Rental

Some of the major benefits of hiring a long term car rental from cheap car hire services in Wembley are:
  • More convenient and less expensive than availing public transport.
  • Less expensive than purchasing a car that will not be used frequently
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Maintenance costs are minimum, just the fuel costs.
  • 24-hour assistance in case of breakdowns or other problems.
  • Cheaper than daily and weekly rentals

Getting the Best Deals on Long Term Rentals

A number of cheap car hire services in Wembley offer long term car rentals, but make sure you get the best deal. The rates vary considerably with individual dealers, so make sure you shop around to get the best deal. A few tips will help you find the best prices:
  • Determine the period for which you need to hire a car. Hiring a car for 60 days will be cheaper than hiring a car for 30 days, so it is essential that you know how long you will need the car.
  • A number of deals and discounts are offered to renters who hire a car for long term. So make sure ask about the “frequent flyer” programs, “frequent renter” programs and other discounts if available.
  • Get quotes from several car rental companies. Compare these rates to find the best deals and ensure the rates are inclusive of insurance, taxes and fees.
  • Ask whether you can use the coverage provided by your auto insurance or the credit card company. This can help you save on the rental insurance.
  • Make sure you read the policies well to find out if there are hidden costs or not. 
Long term car rentals are the ideal transportation solution for those willing to drive a car for a long period of time without owning the vehicle. Not only will it help you save money, but you can use it as your ownership car till the agreement ends.

Last Minute Car Hire in Wembley

No matter how diligently you plan your vacations, last minute emergencies can ruin all your excitement. You can make last minute plans, but all your plans to visit your favourite locations are put on a pause till you get hold of a last minute car rental deal. When looking for last minute car rental deals it is important that you compare deals, vehicles and do enough research to ensure you do not end up overspending.

With last minute car hiring you can either get an amazing deal or all your hard earned money can go to the rental agency. There is no need to fret since clever planning can help you get the best possible deals on last minute deals from cheap car hire services in Wembley. Some of the following tips and tricks will help you plan your last minute vacations without draining all your savings:

Compare Rates

The key to get hold of the best possible deal is to compare quotes from as many car rental agencies as possible. If you are in a hurry, make sure you compare quotes from at least 3 companies. Being flexible with the pick-up location can make hiring cars at the last moment easier and affordable.

Try Out Smaller Car Rental Agencies

If you are looking for an affordable last minute car rental, check out the lesser known car rental agencies. This is where you can find a car of your choice as well affordable rates. These are mostly off-airport locations which many people are not aware of. If you are not lucky to find a car in the last minute, you can ask the rental company to check with the other locations (if they have other branches).

Check Out All Types of Car

When hiring a car under normal circumstances, it is important to hire a car that is apt for your travelling needs – so if a family is out on a vacation, a compact car should be enough. But when you are looking for last minute deals, it is necessary to be flexible with the choice of car. You might not find a compact car, but you may be lucky find a SUV or convertible at a great price.

There is less demand for specialty cars at specific times of the year, so you can gain from this low demand. The rental company want their cars to be rented out rather than keep them in the garage, so you might also be in a situation to negotiate. Evaluate the situation well and then quote your price.

Shop for Deals Online

Searching last minute car rental deals on the Internet will fetch you quick and easy results. There are a lot of websites that offer side-by-side price comparison features, so you can put in phrases like “lat minute car rental Wembley” and check the deals that come up.

You can also check out deals from lesser known car rental companies on such websites. You will get the price breakdowns which makes it easier for you to compare the deals. Many companies also provide offers on last minute deals, so make sure you check their official websites for deals and discounts.

Once you find a deal suitable for your travel plans, book it immediately. You may have to pay a portion of the rental cost in advance, which is non-refundable in most cases. This means you will not be able to change your plans further. If there are further changes in your travel plans, you will have to let go of the money paid in advance. Last minute car rentals can be expensive, so it is essential that you do a thorough homework before booking the rental.

Many car rental companies may also charge you extra for booking a car in the last minute, so check whether there are hidden fees associated with last minute bookings or not. If you are flexible with your travel plans, it is best to find a last minute car rental and then make the rest of your travel plan, since a lot depends on whether you are able to arrange for a means of transportation or not.

How to Save on Car Rentals

As the festive season arrives, many of you will be busy planning your next vacation. Right on the top of the checklist would be car rentals, since your travel plans depend a lot on the car rental deal. Since you can’t devote the entire budget towards hiring a car, you will have to find out ways which will help you save money and make the car rental affordable.

While it is essential to hire a car, you also need to be aware of the factors that can make the rental bills go skyrocketing. Here are some tips that will help you save a lot on your next vacation car rental:

Book the Car Yourself

Prefer booking a car rental through a travel agent? Yes travel agents can save a lot of time energy, but have you ever imagined how do travel agents make profits? They live on commissions, so the more expensive the deal the more will they earn. If you really want to save money on your car rental, avoid making bookings through travel agents. Booking a car rental is no rocket science – just look for car rental companies close to your location, get the contact details and book the rental car online or by visiting their office. You can be lucky to get discounts if you personally visit the car rental company to book the car.

Book in Advance

The car rental rates increase as the service date approaches. The rates are higher during festive season, so it is always good to make the booking well in advance. The rates depend on the demand and supply ratios, as the demand increases, so do the rates. Booking in advance will not only help you avoid paying excess rates but you will also be in a better position to find your favourite car.

Choose a Compact Car

The choice of car is an important factor if you want to save money on your car rental. Compact and mid-sized cars consume less fuel than the larger vehicles. So even if the SUV looks alluring, hold yourself back. The larger the vehicle the more will be the fuel consumption. Owing to the fact that fuel is too expensive, you should choose the rental car wisely.

Avoid Paying Upfront

Many cheap car hire services in Wembley would offer attractive deals but they require you to pay upfront. It is good to avoid paying upfront, since if you have to make last minute changes, the rental company may charge cancellation fees or in worst case, if the upfront payment is refundable, you lose all the money. It is best to look for car rental deals which do not require paying upfront. This means, you will be in a better position in case you have to make cancellations.

Check Rates for Various Rental Periods

Hiring a car for 5 days may be cheaper than hiring the same car for 3 days. Surprised! Yes many car rental companies offer special rates for specific rental periods. Before you make the booking make sure you check all the options. It is recommended to hire the car for the number of days which is eligible for special rates and then returning the car before that (if there are no early return penalties). Also check the weekend rates. Weekend rates are lower than those on weekdays. If possible try to rent a car on a weekend to get lower rates.

Check Out Relocation Deals

Car rental companies require relocating their cars from one location to the other at regular intervals, which means they will have to pay the driver, bear fuel costs and all other costs. If your destination matches with the car rental’s relocation destination, you might be lucky to hire the car at rock bottom rates. Sometimes the rental company would also cover fuel costs. The only downside of such deals is that you will have to travel between the certain dates. This great if you are flexible with your travel plans.

Hire Car from Locals

A number of people might be willing to rent out their car to earn some extra money. These deals can help you save a lot of money, while the terms and conditions are similar to those with regular car rental companies. You can negotiate with the car owners to get the best deals.

Planning ahead and remembering these tips will surely help you to save money on your car rental deal. Some more recommendations for saving money are – look for older models which are not in demand, check how the rental company charge you for passing the toll roads, etc. Before you leave for the airport, check the last minute deals. If you find better rates, book them and cancel the earlier ones.

Car Hire Cons – Revealed!

Car rentals have become an essential part of our life and it is important that you choose the right car rental deal to have a good rental experience. Most of the cheap car hire services in Wembley will offer the best deals to maintain their reputations, but there are companies that want to make some extra profit by conning the renters.

Nothing can mar a blissful holiday more than a car rental gone bad. It is thus very important that the renters do an in-depth research about car rentals before signing the deal. To avoid paying extra on your car rental, make sure you protect yourself from being conned. The following tips will save you from paying extra:

Return Car with Full Tank

Many car hire companies would ask you to return the car with an empty tank, while they will offer a full tank when you drive off. The rental companies demand this is the best and the most convenient deal for the renters, but in contrast to what they say, it is a way of making profit. It is almost impossible for you to return a car with empty tank, so most of the times you’ll return the car with quarter tank full. This means next time the company rents out the car, it will have to fill just three quarters of the tank, while they charge for a full tank. By doing this rental companies make profit close to £2,000 per week.

Extra Charges for Extra Drivers

When out on a vacation, it is most evident that you’ll want your spouse or a family member to share the driving loads, but if you are driving a rented car, be prepared to pay extra for each extra driver. Charges for the extra driver can be more than £10 a day, though many car rental companies would have caps on the total amount bring charged for extra drivers. One way to lower this charge is to opt for a higher level package. By taking a higher level package, you may be offered a full tank of fuel and 2-3 extra drivers. The offerings vary with individual car renting companies, so make sure you ask about the high level rental packages.

Pay Using Credit Cards

As a security policy, many car rental companies will ask for a deposit or a copy of your card. Never provide your debit cards, it the company is able to peep into your account. Try using a credit card when paying for car rentals, since you have better protection in case there is a problem. According to the Consumer Credit Act 1974, the credit card company will be equally liable in case of disputes.
Again there is a gap between rental company charging your card and when the credit card company actually takes out the money from your account. So you have enough time to scrutinize the transactions and report it if there are discrepancies. Also insist the car rental company to charge in the local currency, since converting currency would be offered at unfavourable exchange rate.

Speeding Fines can Haunt You

If you are crossing the speed limits, the tickets will be raised in name of the rental company and in turn the rental company would charge you hefty amounts. Don’t think you can get away from paying these fines since the rental company has all your contact details, along with your residential address. Be aware of the drink and drive limits and be careful when parking the rented car. In case you meet an accident, inform the rental company and follow the rules. Never make the mistake of running away from the scene.

Return the Car on Time

You can be charged heavily to return the car late, so make sure you return the car on time. Some cheap car hire services in Wembley would offer grace periods, so check the grace period limits. Make sure that you read the fine prints before hiring the car, since the car rental company can charge you for a full day in an event of delayed return.

Check the Mileage Limits and Toll Charges

Most car rentals would have mileage caps and would charge for all the toll roads you cross. This means the moment you cross the mileage limit, you will have to pay extra for each mile and this can make your rental bill touch the sky. Same goes with the toll charges, initially the rental company would be charged for tolls and then you will be asked to pay double (sometimes even more) the amount. So check the mileage limits and avoid toll roads as much as possible.

Collect Drop-off Evidences

Make sure you collect evidences (in form of photos, videos or confirmation by representatives) about returning the car in good condition. If you fail to do so, you can be charged heavily for damages made after you’ve returned the car. If there is no one to check the car on returning, park the car safely, take pictures and ask for confirmation about returning the car safely as soon as possible.


At times you cannot do without renting a car even if you have a car of your own. To make the most out of your car rental, make sure you do thorough research about renting a car, its pros and cons as well as the pitfalls can drain all your hard earned money.

Nothing can satisfy you more than striking the right car rental deal. One thing that must be taken care of while renting cars is to check the reputation of the car rental company. Reputed car rental companies, like YesCarRental, will offer authentic deals and stick to what they say; this means they will never add hidden costs to your bill. Even if their charges are high compared to other rental companies, you’ll be benefited in the long term.

One more thing that can save a lot of money is ‘special discounts’. Discounts are offered in many forms like seasonal discounts, festive discounts, student discounts, so on and so forth. So when looking for a rental car, also check whether you are eligible to get discounts or not. Even if there are no discounts, try negotiating the rates as much as you can. The lower rates you are able to get, there more savings you can do on your overall rental bill.

Planning before hiring a car from cheap car hire services in Wembley is essential to have a great car rental experience. Book ahead of time, choose the right car and compare deals – by following these simple steps you will be able to make the most out of your car rental. 

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