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Wedding Car Hire in London – Make Your Day Special

The car rental market is surging to a great extent since owning a car is becoming more and more expensive. Whether it is the fuel, maintenance or the monthly loan payments – it is very difficult for an average person to bear all the costs. For those who are not affluent enough to own a car, car rental is a good alternative.

You can drive your favourite car without having to worry about the maintenance, repair costs, monthly loan payments and the like. Just pay the rentals and you have peace of mind. Car rental companies like YesCarRentals also offers a number of deals and discounts to make rentals even more attractive. So whether you are going on a business trip or a holiday, car rentals can add the much needed mobility to you trip.

Car rentals is no more an option just for the corporate travellers, even the regular commuters are opting for car rentals in London, to avoid standing in queues and avoid the extra expenses of travelling via public transport. Car rental is also common during vacations and during special occasions like family get-togethers, wedding and birthday parties.

Planning such events can be stressful matter, but thanks to the car rental companies in London, you don’t have to worry about transportation. Whether it is about receiving guests from the airport or transporting them from the hotel to the event venue, you will find a car for every purpose. The best part, the car rental companies will make all the necessary arrangements to make you guests feel comfortable and pampered.

Wedding car hire in London is gaining popularity, but this can be a tricky matter since there are a number of things that needs to be taken care of - arranging transportation for the guests, choosing a car for the bride and groom, etc. the list goes on. So your special day is arriving? Start preparing soon. Keep reading, to know everything about wedding car hire in London.      

Things to Consider When Hiring a Car for Wedding

Wedding day car rental is not just about transportation from one point to the other; you should choose a car that makes a style statement and leaves a long lasting impression on your guests. When looking for a wedding car rental company, make sure they have the cars according to your needs and choice. Car hire companies offering wedding car rentals have a large fleet and you can choose the one that suits your style. From limousines to convertibles, the choices are never ending. Remember, the car will be visible in a number of photographs, so make sure you choose the right car for your special day.

Weddings are special moments for most of us and we want to make as many sweet memories about this day as possible. Apart from the other arrangements like the venue, menu, the car rental can also add value to your special day. The car you hire on your wedding day should be able to accommodate the wedding party as well as your grand wedding dress.

To be able to choose the right wedding car rental, determine the number of people who will travel along with the bride or groom. Also have a fair idea about the distances to be travelled, the route to be taken and the number of trips necessary, approximately. Tell the rental company about all your plans, so that they are able to offer the best packages.

Next you need to look a good rental company that can make all arrangements on your behalf. Ideally you should choose a company that specializes in wedding car rental and one which has the cars you are looking for. Also check whether the rental company has back-ups or not.

Check if they can arrange for replacements if the chauffeur becomes sick or if they have spare cars, in case your wedding car breaks down. One more thing to be considered is the type of car that you need hire. Try to hire a car that matches with the style and theme of your wedding. Make sure you check the condition of the car in person before signing the contract, since the maintenance policies differ with individual rental companies.

When choosing a car, consider the volume of your wedding dress. Trying to squeeze into a compact car may crease the dress and spoil the entire look. So if you are wearing a voluminous wedding dress and many people will be travelling along with you, consider hiring a larger car.

Here are some useful wedding car rental tips to make your day even more special:

Make Bookings in Advance 
It is advised to book your wedding rental car in London much in advance, so that you get a car of your choice. If you are planning your wedding during vacation or graduation season, you might miss on your favourite car since there will be a high demand for rental cars. To be on the safe side, book the rental car as soon as the wedding date, venue, etc. are decided.

Think Beyond Tradition

A limo or Rolls Royce works well for traditional weddings but if that is not your style, think of some other car. If you are planning an ultramodern wedding, you can consider arriving in a BMW convertible. If you are not aware of the available options, you can visit a car rental company and see what choices you have.

Arrange Transportation for Bridal Party and Guests

Since the bridal party is part of your wedding it is good to think about their transportation as well. You can hire a minivan for them or if you want to travel together hire a larger car. Also make sure, you arrange for a drop off to their home when the event ends.

If you are expecting a lot of guests from out-of-the town, it is essential that you make necessary arrangements for picking them from the airport to the hotel and to the venue respectively. Usually, a minivan with 15-20 seating capacity would be ideal for your guests. Add 20-30 minutes extra time to each trip and plan the events accordingly, so that in case of unexpected delays, you do not get late for the rituals.

Plan Your Budget

This is the most important part of your wedding car rental planning. Ideally you will have to rent the cars for the entire day, so check whether you will have to pay hourly rates or you will be offered special rates for the entire day. Shop around and compare rates, so that you get the best deal. The car rental company can make a lot of arrangements like arranging for your favourite music, drinks for you and the bridal party and decorations for the rental car. Make sure you check the rates for availing these extra services.

To ensure you have a successful wedding event, make sure you hire from a agency that has a large fleet of cars. Rental agencies that have just 1 or 2 cars will have to shuttle the vehicles between various wedding events and this might ruin your plans. So make sure the car you hire is with you throughout the day.

Also make sure you read the contract thoroughly. This should have the details of the hire period, type of car, routes and extra (if applicable). If you have any doubts get them cleared, so that you don’t have to face unpleasant situations on your special day. Plan ahead of time and have enough time in hand to implement changes in your plan whenever necessary.

How to Choose a Wedding Car Rental

The car rental agencies offer services that make your travel exciting and unique. Depending on the destination and occasion, you can choose from the largest collection of cars from all classes for varying periods, at affordable rates.

One occasion that demands luxury car rental is a wedding.  Since this is a once in a lifetime experience, you will have to be very careful while choosing the wedding car rental. Wedding car rentals will not only take you from one point to the other, but it also appear in photographs, carry your guests around and will be part of your wedding throughout the day. So when choosing the wedding car rental, consider the time of wedding, the theme, your dress, etc.

Here are some tips about choosing the wedding car rental that suits your event perfectly:

Book Early

If this is the first time you are booking a wedding car, you may think that there are a lot of options to choose from, but on the contrary, car rental agencies do not have too many luxury or vintage cars in their fleet. This is because the maintenance cost is high and the demand for such vehicles surge at specific seasons. So people book cars well in advance so that they can hire their desired vehicles. If you are waiting until the last minute, chances are you will have to compromise with your choice and get squeezed into a compact car spoiling the dress as well as the mood.

Choose the Size of Car Wisely

You choose a car that you can get-in and get-out comfortably. Consider your dress and the number of bridesmaid who will be accompanying you to the venue. The rental car should be such that it comfortably accommodates you (along with your wedding dress) as well as the bridesmaid.

Match the Style

You have tried heard to match every little detail to perfection, so why let the car spoil your hard work. Choose the type of car according to the theme of your wedding. For a modern wedding you can choose a Porsche or a BMW Convertible. For a traditional wedding you can choose Mercedes or vintage cars. If a lot of people are travelling together, a stretch Hummer will be the best option.

The colour and decoration of the car should also match your wedding. Make sure the decoration on your wedding car is unique – balloons, ribbons, flowers should also match the colour and theme of your wedding.

Keep the Weather in Mind

This is one important consideration. You might have your heart set on a convertible, but if you are getting married during winter or rainy season, a convertible can be a bad choice. So consider the time of your marriage and choose the type of car accordingly.

In most cases, the wedding car comes at the end of the priority list and the least of the budget is allocated for it. But if you want to plan the perfect wedding, you should not neglect the wedding car rental. But that obviously does not mean you will have to break the bank to hire the costliest car on your wedding. There are ways in which you can save yourself from spending a lot.
  • Hire fewer numbers of cars. Schedule the events so that a single car can pick up the bride as well as the groom.

  • If you want to exit the wedding venue in style, you can hire a one car for arriving to the venue and a more stylish one for exiting.

  • Hire a large vehicle like 12-15 or 15-20 seater van to transport the guests, so that a lot of people can travel together fewer trips are required to get them transported from one point to another.

Whatever your choice is, make sure you hire the wedding car from a reputed car rental company, which has the experience to cater to the varying requirements of the clients. Also communicate clearly with the rental agency about your choices, needs and requirements. If possible ask them about their advices and opinions about wedding car rentals.

Hiring a Car for your Bachelorette party

Are you ready to tie the knot? All arrangements done – the venue, food & beverages, the wedding dress and of course the transportation! So you are all set for the final day. But wait what about the bachelorette or bachelor party? This is your last chance to hang around with your friends and have a blast.

Rent a luxury car and get ready for a fabulous bachelorette/ bachelor’s party and make the sweetest and craziest memories ever. Whether you are planning to party on the go or hit a nightclub, you will have to consider renting a car for you and your friends. The car rental agencies in London offer rental services for the bride/ groom and their friends so that they can have a blast on the last day before marriage. You don’t have to wait for hours for a cab; neither will you have to pay outrageous prices. You can bring your own car but that means you can’t let go of yourself because you will have to drive back home. Who wants to take all that headache on a fun night? So rent a car and party hard. Here are some advantages of hiring a car for your bachelorette/ bachelor party:

Keep Partying Hard

The last thing you want to do on your bachelor/ bachelorette party is worry about driving, transportation and all other similar things. Hiring a car from an agency that offers wedding car hire in London means you can keep the party going on all night – play your favourite music, slurp on your favourite drink, visit your favourite places, nightclubs and do whatever crazy things come to your mind. Hiring a car enables you to have fun to the fullest without worrying about safety and security.

Safety and Security

Most of the car rentals offered for bachelorette or bachelor parties are accompanied by a chauffeur and it is their responsibility to drop you home – even if someone is drunk. All kinds of measures should be taken to avoid accidents and ensure safety of your friends. Taking a cab at the middle of the night might be risky, so renting a car from a reputed car rental company would be the best choice.

Make Things Special for the Bride or Groom

The night is all about the Man/ Lady of Honour, so make sure you make them feel special every way. Hire a luxury car and take him or her out for the most luxurious long drive. Plan surprises and let them enjoy their last days of bachelorhood or spinsterhood.

Tips to Hire a Luxury Car for the Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Most of the times, people hire a luxury car for their bachelor or bachelorette parties. Even of your friends are planning a surprise party before your marriage, they will hire a luxury car. But remember hiring a luxury car is sometimes different from hiring a normal car. So here are some tips that will help you rent a luxury car without hassles:
  • Tip#1: Make sure you hire a luxury car from a reputed car rental agency, which has been in the business for years. This ensures that you will get the car of your choice and the condition of the car will be good. You don’t want the car to break down in the middle of the night, so hire from a recognized car rental company that specializes in luxury cars.

  • Tip#2: Always insist on a chauffeur along with the car. This will ensure your safety and you will not be responsible for damages caused due to mishaps.

  • Tip#3: Make sure you visit the car rental office to book the luxury car. Many start-up car rental companies showcase luxury cars on their websites that they don’t own, to show they are established. So if you want to get the car that you have booked, it will be wise to book the luxury car in person at the rental office.    

  • Tip#4: Before hiring a luxury car make it a point to read the ‘Terms & Conditions’ carefully. You must know about their refuelling policies, late return policies, roadside assistance, etc. To have a clear picture of what to expect from the luxury car rental read the agreement thoroughly before signing.

  • Tip#5: Determine the number of people who will be travelling together and the duration for which you will need the car. This will help you choose the right type and size of car and negotiate the rental rates.

  • Tip#6: There are many luxury car rental companies, so get quotes from a number of them and compare to get the best deals. You can also get references from your friends and family who have rented luxury cars recently.

·     To enjoy the pre-marriage party with your friends, it is essential that you prepare yourself well. A car rental gone wrong can ruin the entire day and all your plans so rent wisely and enjoy the last hours before you get married.  
Wedding Car Rental Mistakes to Avoid

The happiest day of your life is approaching and you have made all efforts to make it perfect. To ensure your day goes on smoothly, keeping stress levels at the minimum, you need to make sure the wedding transportation is without hitches. Since you have to take care of so many things at a time, it is common to make mistakes while renting your wedding transportation.

To make things easier for you and let you enjoy your day to the fullest, here are some tips to avoid the wedding car rental mistakes:

Not Hiring Car from a Professional Car Rental Agency

The first step to a hassle-free wedding event is to hire your wedding car from a reputed and experienced car rental company. This way you will not have to worry about coordinating several cars or worry about break downs. The car rental company would provide all kinds of services required to make your event successful.

Not Knowing the Owner

To ensure a hitch-free ride, you should hire a car from a company that owns the cars it lets out on rent. If there is a middle man involved or the car rental company borrows from a broker, there are chances of late arrival or no-show.


It is essential that you communicate with the car rental company about your wedding plans clearly. You should also obtain the name and contact details of the chauffeurs who will be responsible to drive you and your guests to the venue and elsewhere. Make sure the drivers have all the details about your wedding as well, so that no delays happen.

Car Rental Based on Price Only

It is evident that you have a budget for everything, but shopping for a car rental based only on price can mar all your wedding plans. Many car rental companies offer rock bottom prices since they do not have vehicles that are up-to-the-mark, provide inexperienced drivers, or have several hidden charges. You can also face unpleasant situations like late arrivals, rude behaviours, etc.

Not Focussing on the Level of Service

It is essential to get the right type of car for your wedding but that does not mean you will compromise with the level of service. Make sure the company offering wedding car hire in London offers state-of-the-art services, so that you don’t have to worry about the transportation at all.

Not Booking the Car in Person

If you don’t want to be let down by the car rental company on your wedding day, make sure you book the car personally. This way you will be able to check the condition of the car, the models available and ask for a test drive as well.

Waiting for the Last Minute

It is true that you can save a lot on last minute car rentals but that’s when your plans are flexible and not on a day like your wedding. Waiting for the last minute to book the wedding car rental means you will have to compromise with your choice of car, pay hefty fees or find no car at all, in the worst case scenario. There is a huge demand for rental cars during the wedding season, so make sure you book the car well in advance.

These are some of the common mistakes associated with wedding car rentals.  Some other mistakes include not hiring a car of the right size, not hiring a car for the guests, not getting references from friends and family, and other similar things. To avoid unpleasant experiences on such a special day as your wedding, it is essential that couples plan everything ahead and prepare themselves well. 

Hiring the right car for your wedding is the make-it or break-it decision so make sure you devote enough time to choose the right wedding car rental. Transportation for the bride and groom is not only enough, you will have to think about the guests and everyone else who joins your wedding party.

Wedding car rentals can be very expensive since most of us look for luxury cars in order to make a style statement, but if you don’t want the car rental to eat up a large portion of your wedding budget, you should look for ways in which you can arrive in style without breaking your bank. Schedule the wedding in such a way that one car is able to pick up the bride and the groom. Also hire a large vehicle, a 15-20 seater minivan or so, for your guests so that many people can travel together and you don’t have to hire too many cars at a time.

Remember, hiring the right type of wedding car is crucial to make everything happen the right way. Consider the number of people travelling with the bride/ groom, the size of the bridal dress, the weather, etc. and choose the car accordingly. Start planning your wedding and make sure you choose the best wedding car hire in London.


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